Monday, May 08, 2006

We are leaving in the morning to get our Katie Starr :)

We are up tomorrow at 4 am to begin the journey to finally bring home our Katie Starr. We will be in LA all day hanging out with some friends until almost midnight when our flight departs Los Angeles and travels 15 hours to Guangzhou, China. We then connect another 2.5 hours to Beijing and somehow it becomes the 11th even though we leave on the 9th :)

We will be sending home photos and journals every day on The Story of You. We hope that you follow along with us as we become a family of four. We receive our girl on Mother's Day.

Here is the link:

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!

Congratulations to our son, Justin who made himself as well as us very proud when he graduated from the University of Florida this past Saturday.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

It is absolutely Crazy Around Here!

First, I would like to thank everyone who sent us their sympathy's both publicly and privately for the loss of our fur baby, Buddy. We sincerely appreciate all of your support so much.

Life has been so nuts lately. There are really no words to describe the chaos around here. There are suitcases everywhere in various stages of being packed. The whole house has turned into a staging area for the China trip. Our days are devoted to winding up work at our businesses, running errands for the trip, compiling orphanage gifts, knocking off my list of about 100 tasks that have to be done before we leave. Besides all of that we are trying to keep our Chihuahua, Gabby as happy as possible after the loss of Buddy and all of the strange crazy vibes in our home.

This weekend we travel to Gainesville to attend Justin's College Graduation. We bring him home on Sunday, unload his things, pack him up and then we are off to China the next day. I am actually starting to believe that spending 21 hours on two aircraft will be relaxing. I know I must be overworked as I am absolutely terrified of flying. The idea that it will be a relaxing time has to say something about my present mental state.

I will post one last time after graduation and then I will post our link on The Story of You where you can follow our journey on starting next week. Thanks again for all of your support :)