Saturday, June 04, 2011

More adoption talk

Sometimes the unlikeliest places can become the backdrop to discussions about adoption.  I am always a bit caught off guard when it happens in strange settings like it did today in a fast food restaurant.

I was with a friend at a local MickeyD's with her two kiddos and the DD.  One of hers is also adopted but that was not what started the conversation; Kung Fu Panda did!  The sequels toys are in the happy meals and even though I do not usually go the happy meal route, I decided to give them something special today.  The toys began a discussion about China and then the following revelations came from Katie Starr....

Katie:  "What do Chinese eyes look like?"

Me:  "They are beautiful...just like yours."

Katie:  "What makes them Chinese?"

Me:  "Asian people which includes people from China in most cases have an extra fold of skin on their eyelids."

Katie:  "Why don't you have Chinese eyes?"

Me:  "Because I am not from China and you do because you are."

Katie:  "I want your eyes to look like mine." (She looked so sad and I y heart began to sink into my stomach)

Me:  "I would love to have eyes that are as beautiful as yours but were not in my tummy so we do not look alike."

Katie:  "I wish I was in your tummy."

Me:  "Me too baby but you were born in my heart and I am your mommy and will love you forever.  That is all that really matters.  We do not have to look like each other to be mommy and daughter."

She did not look very thrilled with my answers and the other kids seemed oblivious to this conversation amidst the din of the restaurant and their own conversation.  My friend then spoke and reaffirmed that we are all individuals that we all have differences but all of our differences are beautiful.

Yup, all of this in a MickyD's.  Lots of stuff going on all of the times in little their heads, whether we choose to see it or not.  If we choose not to, then they will eventually let us know what is weighing on them.

Probably could have used something a bit stronger than my usual Diet Coke after that conversation...