Sunday, April 14, 2013

Our Old Soul

Yesterday, Katie Starr turned eight years old. Our girl is growing up so fast but not nearly as fast as her very old soul. After an amazing weekend of a family party and a friends party, this amazing child floored me with the following statement as I was tucking her into her bed tonight:

She began to cry and said, "Thank you for adopting me because if you didn't then I would not have our family or all of the wonderful times that I have with you every day."

Ethan: "Katie, then why are you crying?"

Katie: "From happiness!"

She then went on to explain that her birthday made her think about her birth parents and her adoption. I reinforced to them both that WE were indeed the lucky ones and that their birth parents must have been quite amazing to have made sure that they were both in safe places and that they must have known that they would be put into a loving family. I do feel in my heart that this is true based on both of their finding places and individual situations.

I love my children from the depth of my soul. They are my life as is my husband and there is nothing that I would not do to ensure their happiness. I hope they feel that. I believe that they do.

As the weekend began, I wrote this poem for our precious daughter...

A little girl was born this day,
as her mom and dad waited.
Life's magical plan was playing out;
their journey was already fated.

That day seems like just yesterday,
although several years have passed.
Love's red thread became untangled
and created a family for this lass.

The miracle of her life plays daily for all the world to see.
She has brought love without measure -
to her family.

She was given the gift of two brothers and a sister in law to boot.
Her newest role, taken with pride, is devoted Aunt to precious LuLu!

This Starr of a child shines so brightly.....
her humor is as great as her wit.
Beauty radiates from this "old soul."
Her love for others never quits.

The name that she carries is Katie Starr Hongshan.
It holds special meaning to us.
We love her like crazy cakes, this beautiful girl....
so on her birthday we must make a fuss!

It's your 8th birthday, Katie Starr;
the day is finally here!
Loads of fun and surprises are in store for you.
So it's time to get it in gear!

Happy birthday Katie!
We adore you!
Your Family