Journey to Ethan - October 25 - 26, 2012

We are finally here in Hong Kong , safe and sound and what a trip it was.  We awoke at 3:50 am and after packing the car we ran in to wake Katie Starr who was already sitting up in her crib smiling and saying Ethan!!  We go China!!  You have to love that kind of exuberance at that time of day.  Justin drove us to the airport where we met my mom for the initial flight to Chicago .  This one was uneventful and Miss Katie even caught a few zzzzs.  We then waited to depart to Hong Kong from Chicago with a very excited little Miss who was trying to win the Miss Congeniality contest at Chicago O’Hare.  We finally boarded our flight and settled in for this 15 hour leg.  Thankfully, the flight was not full and we were able to spread out a bit.  Katie was pretty easily entertained by the toys that we brought for her and of course the DVD Player interspersed with a couple of short naps, I was entertained by a couple of in flight movies and Marc and my mom were entertained by a couple who was applying for membership in the mile high club ~ In their seats I might add.  It was unbelievable what these two were doing with absolutely no qualms at all…WOW!!

About an hour into the flight I had such a wonderful surprise from Marc.  One of the flight attendants delivered to my seat the most beautiful card professing his love and joy as we embarked on this next part of our journey to become a family of five.  I was completely overcome with emotion and love for my sweet husband who really found the perfect way to touch my heart today.

 Katie was so wonderful on the flight.  The only time she had a problem is when we descended quickly into Hong Kong .  She cried due to the fact that she was having ear pain.  She was utterly exhausted and still somehow managed to remain bright and cheery.  We feel so blessed by this little girl who never ceases to amaze us.
 A funny little anecdote that I must add for today is about my mother.  My father always says that living with my mom is like living with Lucy (From “I Love Lucy”) well Dad, Mom and I were watching a movie or should I say that I thought Mom was watching a movie.  She asked me to turn up the volume which I did.  Then she said to me” I cannot watch this movie with only Mandarin subtitles and music.  I said "What are you talking about?  She then said that all she heard was music.  For the first 15 minutes of the movie Mom was listening to XM Radio instead of the movie voiceover channel.  When I showed her we laughed so hard we woke up everyone around us.

 We are now in our hotel room and all ready to hit the hay.  I did not sleep so I am totally beat!! We will post more tomorrow after our day of touring in Hong Kong .  Just three more days until Ethan is in our arms and lives forever!
 P.S.  There are no pics of mom today as she told me she did not like the ones taken of her.  I will honor her request.  Hopefully I will get some that she likes tomorrow.

P.S. S. Justin, we love you and miss you.  Thanks for the lovely send off yesterday morning.  Thanks for holding down the fort J

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Anonymous said...

That is absolutely adorable! Katie is a very good child and still remains to be a healthy and beautiful girl! I know today she loves hanging out with her friends, brother, and niece! Have a wonderful day!