Saturday, April 23, 2011

Are they REALLY brother and sister?

I was ranting a bit on facebook recently about this very question; one that I get more than you can imagine.  After blowing off a little steam about it and the many strangers that feel the need to inquire about matters that are none of their business, I began to think about my children's bond.

What makes Katie Starr and Ethan brother and sister?

Everything that makes children that share genetics brother and sister; except for the genetics. 
That is it!  They lack the same DNA and blood...big deal!

What they share is parents.  

They share a home.

They share a family.

They share their friends.

They share their toys...and I mean really share!

They share a bath tub.

They share a sense of humor...well, mostly Katie but Ethan is getting one as well.

They share a school; heck they even share a grade.

They used to share a room and wish they still did.

They share their imagination....with each other....constantly.

They share a desire to learn.

They share a birth country that is not shared with us...or many others in this country.

They share a religion.

They share the holidays.

They share a love and devotion to their parents, brother, sister-in law, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

They share so many things....

Mostly what they share is a deep and abiding love for each other; one that is truly like no other that I have ever seen between siblings.  There are days that the loyalty and devotion that I see between them brings tears to my eyes.  They are there for each other, have each others back and miss each other like crazy cakes when they are apart.

Simply put.........Katie Starr and Ethan REALLY are brother and sister!  

That was their destiny and it is our good fortune to be a part of it.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

I need to get back in the saddle again

and start posting on this blog that is.  It has been way too long.  I post every night on my 365 Photography blog and it seems that my creativity is only extending to my photography these days.  The written word has taken a back seat and it is really not a good thing.  Marc has asked me to post on the blog again.  He loves that I am keeping this journal of our lives together and hated the idea of me letting it go to the way side.  He is right so here we go...

Here is a snapshot of life at "Stress" over the past few months......

Marc and I are moving in the right direction work wise. His business has picked way up again and I have a new position with a local University. I am the Clinic Support Coordinator of the audiology clinic. I am happy there. My supervisors provide a supportive work environment and the students that study and work there are wonderful. I finally have good health benefits and that is quite a relief; especially with the health concerns that Katie Starr has.

That brings me to the DD; Katie Starr and Ethan are doing really well in school. Katie has taken to Kindergarten like a duck to water and is already ready for first grade. Ethan has had to work a bit harder but for Ethan that is just the way he operates....working hard is no problem for him and he is really picking up the pace.

Katie's health concerns are still there. Her asthma has been quite troublesome and the winter season is quite stressful when it comes to asthma. I am so glad that summer is coming. As far as her eyesight, we have her next "all day" evaluation down at Bascolm Palmer Eye Institute on the 22nd of this month. I am praying for no decline but obviously will have to accept whatever comes and roll with the punches. Katie has brand new glasses and sun glasses that a wonderful friend (met through adoption) provided to us at no cost. I have the most amazing friends in the world and count my blessings every day.

I have accepted the responsibility of Vision Walk Chair for the 2011 Walk for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. We are setting off our first organizational kick off meeting and I hope we get the same kind of support that we received last year when we first received the heartbreaking news of Katie's eye issues. We raised a great deal of money and I hope to surpass that this coming year. I am ready to get the ball rolling.

Ethan is doing well but is experiencing some post trauma issues in the form of overly fixating on things; most especially food so we will again be entering him into play therapy. I just received a list of approved counselors from my insurance and my goal is to get him started next week. His emotional health is as important as his physical, which thankfully has posed no real concerns since his successful open heart surgery.

The *bigs* (J and J) are happily ensconced in their new home and jobs. Not too much to report other than Justin is gearing up for his bar exam this summer. Fingers crossed!

The big news is that I am turning the big *50* this month and Marc is throwing me a big party. I know nothing other than the date; not even where it is. I know one thing will be memorable. Marc is such a thoughtful and loving husband. I feel very blessed to have him by my side as we navigate this roller coaster of a life.

I will finish off this post by sharing a picture of  us and the DD that I took a couple of months back. You can follow my 365 (Photo every day for a year) project) here and I promise to be back more frequently from here on in. This was my first blog baby and I don't want to neglect her again.