Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More wonderful news

Emma Grace "Gracie"

There were two more special people to me that received referrals in this latest batch. First check out Emma Grace who will be known as Gracie. I have grown very close to her family and most especially to her mom, Angel. We met her and her husband Rodney through this process and they are members of our local FCC Chapter. They are a special family and Gracie will have three older brothers that will adore her. She is a true beauty and will be in Katie Starr's growing circle of friends :)

The other incredible news is the referral of twins to my fellow blogger, Mary Mia and her husband Rod. Mary Mia and I have been conversing for the past 20 months or so. Even though we have never met I feel like she is an old friend and know someday that our paths will cross. Her identical twins are Rose and Marie . They are absolutely adorable. Congratulations to both families!!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Another Day at the Office

As many of you know, Marc owns a mobile Disc Jockey and entertainment business. He has been in business for 27 years and has had his share of stories from some of the parties he has entertained at. He has met many celebrities, as he used to handle a lot of them through an agent that booked him out. Working around high profile people is not a big deal to Marc. The other day though he was hired to do a wedding at an upscale resort in the Florida Keys. What he did not realize was that the groom's sister who was a bridesmaid at the wedding was Alecia Moore (aka PINK) and her husband, Carey Hart, extreme motocross world champion was a groomsman. He was pretty much unfazed until the wedding got into full swing. Pink came over to him and handed him a big wad of cash to play overtime and said to keep the party going all night and there would be more where that came from. OK, no problem..LOL. Later in the evening she came over to him to discuss what music she wanted played and Marc had most of it already lined up in his DJ Computer. The fun began around midnight when she stripped off her gown with no undergarments underneath and began to get other woman at the party to do the same. They all ended up in the pool. They partied until the wee hours.

Marc's statement to me the next day was that he now knew why she had pulled the wad of money out of her pocket in the early evening.... She did not have a pocket available to pull it out of by the end of it! Just another day at the office....

Monday, August 21, 2006

The Moments We Cherish

It has been so hectic around here I really have not had much time to blog. It seems that we are always going somewhere and last week was no exception. My sister and her family came to Florida and we all took a trip down to the Keys. We split up the trip between Key Largo and Key West. It was a lot of fun. We spent our days swimming at the pool or the beach as well as sight seeing in Key West. My sister found a butterfly and nature conservatory that was awesome. It was so cool to watch as Katie realized a few moments after entering that there was all of this motion from butterflies and birds all around her. She had such a sweet, open and serene look on her face. We purchased an acrylic encasement of beautiful butterflies from all over the world. They were placed there after their 10 day life span was over. On it is inscribed the following statement which we absolutely loved:

We Don't Remember Days; We Remember Moments
I realized during the week that our lives have changed so much. It is not that I did not realize it before but when you go away from your home and routines it becomes very clear that life is not "easy" anymore. Since Justin is an adult our life was very carefree before and we were able to go at our whim. Now we need to be mindful of Katie Starr and keep to somewhat of a schedule for her as well as do things that will be entertaining to her. There is much more planning and packing. It is not always easy but moments that we are living with her are so rich and make life so worthwhile. Having our daughter forces us to see things all over again in a fresh new way and almost always with humor. Something as simple as eating an ice cream cone on a hot summer evening brings such pleasure. Watching her splash away in the pool with total abandon brings us such joy. Seeing her interact and fall in love with the people we love and have them fall in love with her brings such happiness.
Life as we knew it is over for now; that is very clear. Our new life is all about cherishing the moments as viewed through the eyes of our precious girl.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Our sweet little ladybug

Our Aunt Shirley and Uncle Paul came for a visit and took a bunch of pictures. I love this one of our sweet girl sitting on the ladybug chair in her room. Thank you Uncle Paul for the great shot.