Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rubber Ducky.....

Your the one!

I Heart Faces photo challenge this week is "Yellow." As soon as I saw my mischief man nose to nose with his duck floaty while he was waiting to get in the pool I had to get "the shot." Wonder what he was thinking about? Probably the fun that he and Mr. Floaty Duck were about to have on a hot day in a nice cool pool.

Happy Summer!


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pride is not an adequate word to describe the way that I feel

Justin graduated from law school this past weekend. What an amazing feeling it was! Being able to see your child finish his school career so successfully.....well, it was definitely up there as one of the most amazing moments of my life.

As parents we love, nurture, urge, motivate, empathize, teach, advocate, discipline and a host of other adverbs; all while hoping that a little luck mixes in with all of that loving nurture in order to see a day like this one.

I am proud of Justin for so many things. Graduating from law school is just one of them.

As I watched him at the party that we threw for him later that day. I saw once again the man that we raised. A man that made sure to speak at length to each guest and show his appreciation for sharing such a special day with him. As as Jew we use the Yiddish word Mensch to describe the person that Justin is; a person of integrity and honor. He is someone to admire and is truly a good person. He is already a good son, brother, husband and friend. I know that the future will add the titles of good father and trusted colleague to that list.

I am not sure that he truly understands my sense of pride in his accomplishments at this moment in time but I know that someday that if and when he is blessed with a child or children of his own, he will know.

I can sit back and breathe a sigh of contentment and relief. One child raised very well....two more to go ;-)

Two months until the bar exam. Justin began his 12 hours a day study sessions the day after he graduated. We know that he will pass it and do great things with his law degree. Of this, I have no doubt. Our son will make a difference in people's lives for the better. He has already done that with ours!

Being hooded with the degree of Juris Doctor

The Dean of the law school congratulating Justin and posing for a picture

He did it!!

My wonderful son

Family pic with my folks and my sister

Happy husband and wife

Relaxing and enjoying his friends at his graduation party

Posing for a pic with my dear friend Kira. When he was a little boy she used to babysit for him...WOW!

Justin, Judy and our wonderful in laws :)

I love you Justin; my number one son!