Tuesday, September 20, 2005

C'mon there can't be more than two more months of Hurricane Season Left and Yes, I am paper pregnant!! Ramblings of an Expectant Mom...

Just dodged another bullet with Hurricane Rita. OMG, if we keep getting hurricane warnings for the next 2 months then my already ample behind will look like this. I just asked Marc if it already did and he did his husbandly duty and said NO! Between hurricane season and my paper pregnancy it seems that I have obtained a license to eat. Unfortunately, people with no knowledge of my paper pregnancy do not know that I am expecting and think that I am getting fat for no reason. Does any of this make sense to you?
I just want to know am I alone with all of this or are any of my fellow adoptive moms going through this as well?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Beautiful Night at the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Tonight was the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. It's an occasion for family reunion. Similar to our Thanksgiving, people gather and give thanks for a good harvest. You remember those family members that cannot be with you and celebrate the biggest full moon of the year which is always the 15th day of 8th Chinese lunar month. Many Chinese believe that we are connected by sharing the same moon. Many children do a lantern parade and family enjoy mooncakes. They are quite interesting.
We began our evening at Miss Yips, a Chinese Restaurant on Miami Beach. There were 80 adoptive parents and children there. We ate with our good friends Alan and Shannon along with their five year old son Ryan. They should travel to China about a month prior to us to bring their daughter Mia home. After dinner we paraded down Lincoln Road with the children holding paper lanterns, balloons and beach balls all the way to the beach. When we got to the beach it was dark and then all at once we released our balloons with wishes attached (we wrote a wish to a family member that could not be with us). This is especially poignant for the children as it is a time to remember their birth families in China. The moon rose and it was so large and golden. We then hung around for a little while just enjoying the moment. We cannot wait for Katie to be with us at this wonderful festival next year.
It was a fantastic evening shared with great friends that we will always remember. Below are some pictures from the festival.

Marc and I with our Little Friend Meg

All of the Beautiful Children at the Moon Festival

Our Good Friends Shannon, Alan and Ryan

Watching the Balloons with Wishes Fly away

Me and my Baby

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Mei Dreams

That is the name of my DTC Group. As I told you earlier a DTC Group is a group of waiting families that are logged in to the CCAA during the same month. In my case that month is May. Besides the fact that I have started a local support group, I am also on the committee to design the web site for our DTC Group. Ahhhhh! I have the I can't say no syndrome lately! :) Who am I kidding. I love being busy!

There are many reasons to have a site; the number one reason being that you can upload your photo of your new baby for all of your fellow adoptive parents and for the world to see. As soon as it is done I will give you the link.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Justin...This one's for YOU!!

I purchased this Gator Cheerleading outfit for Katie at my fav place; Target. I could not resist as Justin will be graduating from the University of Florida in the Spring. Since it is the best University in Florida I am sure Katie will want to follow in her big brother's VERY LARGE :) footsteps. Besides, I am sure Katie will be Justin's biggest cheerleader.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Why are some people so ignorant?!?

Yesterday, a real estate agent that used to work in our office came into my office to say hello. I had heard through the grapevine that she had made some biased comments about our adoption (why are they not adopting a white child?) When she walked in she first asked me how my son was doing in college and when I told her that he was doing very well she went on to ask me whether we were still going though with that "thing" that we were doing? I responded with "Do you mean adopting our baby?" She then said yes and had the audacity to ask me if I knew what a commitment this was? What?!*@@? Was she kidding? I have raised a son to adulthood!! Even if I had not; I am an adult. Would she have asked me that same question if I was pregnant? I think not!! I wanted to spit profanity at her and throw her out of my office but I politely told her that I certainly knew what I was doing and that I was very busy so I would have to get back to work. Ok...Lori...Breathe and turn the other cheek!