Sunday, March 25, 2007

The funk is lifting....

Thank you to everyone that commented on this blog publicly or contacted me privately to offer your support. Unfortunately, I worried some family members. I was not ready to jump off a bridge or anything; I was just bummed and decided to express it to the world. I also did not feel like blogging for a few days. I am feeling better. I am the type that talks about it, has a good cry and then I feel much better.

I am still waiting on our golden ticket (I-171h) to Ethan. I haunt the mailbox daily and so far...nada!! You all will hear the happy scream when we get it :)

We had a nice weekend. Friday evening was our Century 21 South Florida Annual Awards Event and I was the committee chairperson. It was much smaller event than usual as there were not the award winners as in years past due to the crummy real estate market but it was a success nonetheless. On Saturday, Justin watched Katie so that we could catch a movie. That was the first movie we had seen in the almost 11 months since China. That felt great. On Sunday we took Katie to Parrot Jungle Island here in Miami. It was a gorgeous day and Katie had a ball. She loved the birds and animals, had a blast on the playground and overall was just a joy to watch. Watching her experience the simplest things with such unbridled enthusiasm brings us such happiness. I just giggle every time I think about her talking to the birds as if they understood her or imitating the monkeys..what fun. Blogger is not allowing me to upload pics. I will try again tomorrow.

Thanks again for your caring responses to my post :O)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Burned Out

This is my current state of mind which is why I have not blogged lately.

I am burnt at work (the real estate market stinks) and burnt out on the paper chase for Ethan. We are stuck in the waiting game right now and it is not fun.

The whole adoption seems very unreal right now and quite honestly nobody seems as excited as we are about our newest addition. I guess that is the second child syndrome.

I look at his pictures every day and all I want to do is wrap my arms around him and give him the love and care that he needs.

As soon as my funk lifts I will post some more pics of our little Starr.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Inevitable Has Happened!!

OK, we know that we are mature parents for goodness sake but I think the next exchange was a bit too much.

Marc was sitting in McDonald's with Katie today and across the dining room were two senior citizens (ladies) They looked over at Marc and commented about what a nice Grandpa he was - and then under their breath to each other they said or is it dad? Marc strongly said Dad and then proceeded to call me at work and started the conversation by telling me in a laughing tone that the "inevitable had happened and he was labeled Katie Starr's grandfather. I think his next call was to the hair stylist to have the gray covered. I on the other hand do not know and never intend to know if I am gray. Only my hair stylist knows for sure.

I know that theoretically we could be grandparents as Justin is 22; in fact I made my mom a grandmother at 46 and I am 46 next month....oy!! My grandparents seemed so much older than I seem!! I wonder if they felt the same way. Now I am toying with the idea of renaming my blog "Diapers and Depends" What do you all think?