Sunday, April 10, 2005

Welcome to our Blog

A Blog is the acronym for weblog and this Blog will be our way to communicate with family and friends during our quest to adopt a daughter from China. Marc and I have always wanted to have a baby in our lives to love and raise though to an adult and now we have the opportunity to do that. Being that China has a decades old one child policy mixed with a cultural preference for male children there are thousands of girls waiting in orphanages and foster homes for a forever family to love. We have a wonderful home, family and network of friends that will give our daughter that forever family. Fate will bring our daughter to parents who very much need this daughter to love forever. Justin, who seemed a little shocked at first (who wouldn't be after being an only child for 20 years?) now embraces the idea as we do.

We are presently in the Paper Chase phase of the adoption. The US and Chinese governments have us produce many documents that must be certified by the state and authenticated by the Chinese Government. We also have completed a home study where a social worker came into our home and completed a thorough review of our family to determine that we were suitable to adopt a child into our home. We also must apply to USCIS (formerly called Immigration and Naturalization Services) for permission to bring an orphan into the US. We are now waiting for that permission and we will be formally DTC. That means that our Dossier will be in China and we will begin the 6-8 month wait that now exists to be referred a daughter. At that time we will get her photograph as well as her medical background and some pertinent infomation about her. Approximately 6-8 weeks later we should be able to travel to get her. We will be in China for about 2 weeks to complete the adoption. We will document this process all the way and including posting journal entries and pictures from China.


Anonymous said...

to Lori Marc & Justin
We both loved what you have done so far, are you going to put any ethnic art work on page.
mom & dad

Anonymous said...

this is so cool

Anonymous said...

I don't have an account, that is why my first comment was anonymous, Jane

Anonymous said...

Cool site. What a great idea. We are so proud of you guys. You are so dedicated to making this a memorable journey.


Dennis and Kira