Sunday, May 15, 2005

Chinese words of the week

Hi it's Marc and this is my first post on this beautiful journal. As we officially begin our paper pregnancy and begin our wait to go to China, I wanted to begin teaching everyone some Chinese words and phrases that we can use to know Katie and her heritage a little better. I have studied the Chinese language in High School and in College. I was about to go to Taiwan to continue my studies but unfortunately the US and Taiwan relations broke down and I never received my visa to study abroad, so I became an entertainer and the rest is history.
So hopefully my experience with the language and culture of the people of China can help you in understanding a little something about out daughter.

The first phrase I wanted to teach you is a very important one that we can use not only to say to Katie, but you might want to try this on someone special in your life.

"Wo Ai Ni" - I Love You

In the next few weeks and months as we learn more about our travel and the regions of China we will be traveling to, I will pass along some interesting words and information about these areas and customs of China.

So keep in touch and come back soon..


Anonymous said...

Marc & Lori,
Aunt Shirley & Uncle Paul were delighted to hear about the upcoming adoption of "katie Starr", especially since there have been no baby girls in the Weinstock clan for many years. All boys, of course we love them, but look forward to a girl.... finally.
Our only regret is that we live so far apart, but we will rely on e-mail and photos.
Will post more later, hope this goes through it's my 3rd try!

Morris said...

Awesome, I look forward to it.

Ask Morris