Thursday, June 09, 2005

We have an LID!

I know that it has been awhile since the last time that we posted. That is mostly because we had nothing new to report.

Well, now we have something new...a log in date (LID). We were officially logged into the Chinese center for Adoptive Affairs on 5/17/05. We were very happy with that date because it keeps us on the same timeline as we had hoped for. Some people had much longer delays in their LID but we got lucky. We are hoping for a November Referral and Late December or Early January travel to get our daughter.

Family update: Marc and I just celebrated our 5 year Wedding Anniversary. We went to Key West last weekend and had a great time. Justin finishes Summer Term A next week and will be home for a few days between the two Summer terms. He will be home for Fathers day and we are very please about that. I promise to post soon as I have news about a waiting families support group that a new adoptive friend and I are starting.

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Lisa~~ said...

Oh how exciting!! I am living vicariously through everyone who is steps ahead of us. Now, your next big step, the referral pic!

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