Saturday, July 09, 2005

DTC Group Activities

I belong to two DTC Groups on One is May DTC and the other is Great Wall (Our adoption agency) May DTC. Basically, they are a way for people around the world who have sent their dossiers during the month of May 2005 to monitor when referrals are sent out as well as a forum for advise, discussion and support. Many of these people will be traveling with us or we will see them at some point while we are in China. While we wait we have some activities that will help pass the time and are fun and creative. One is The 100 Good Wishes Quilt Swap and the other is a Secret Pal Gift Exchange. I will tell you more about the Quilt Swap later but below you will see pictures of The Fabric Square and Good wish that was sent by us to our fellow DTC members and also the gift that I received today from my Secret Pal. The theme this month was welcome to America and she sent me a very cute patriotic outfit with 2 pair of matching socks. She told me in the card that she enclosed with the gift that her 10 year old son helped her pick it out but it was actually his second choice. A cute little bathing suit was his first..LOL. I am sending my gift out this week to my secret pal. I can't say what it is in case she is reading this BLOG. :) My fellow DTC Group members are fabulous people and I can't wait to get to meet them in China!

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Lisa~~ said...

You have a very nice secret pal, the outfit is adorable!

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