Sunday, July 03, 2005

Gabby's Big Adventure

The One That Almost Got Away!!

This is our chihuahua Gabriella or "Gabby" for short. She is a little bit of a dog weighing in at 5.5 lbs. She gave us the scare of a life time on Friday. Marc was taking our dogs up to the vet to be boarded for the day while we had workman in the house. Gabby is not a big fan of the veterinarian's office. When Marc got to the office and opened the door of his car Gabby jumped over him onto the ground and under the H3. Marc quicky closed the door so Buddy, our other dog could not get out and looked under the car for Gabby. SHE WAS GONE!!

Marc frantically looked all over the office plaza for her before finally calling me. He exclaimed over the phone to get up to the vet right away...Gabby is gone! I immediately got into the car (in tears) and drove towards the vrt's office. It is a short ride away but it crosses two heavily traveled streets. When I got half way there I saw a little flash running across the street in front of traffic. It was our lil Gabby! I pulled to the side of the road and called out to her. She ran towards me and jumped into the car. She was totally glad to see me. The squirt had gotten half way home...Unbelievable. I took her back to where Marc was and you never saw such a relieved person in your life. Gabby is not the type to leave our side so this was totally out of character for her. It seems Marc's timing was perfect in calling me when he did or I don't think that I would have seen her. We are so grateful that she is OK.

Our little Gabby sure has a mind of her own!!


rs6471 said...

It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.

Mary-Mia said...

Oh that's so scary. Glad it turned out ok!

Good luck with the shots, by the way, that tetanus one hurt but the Hep A/B was no sweat.