Sunday, August 14, 2005

Just back from vacation

I know it has been awhile since I last posted as my son so regularly reminds me, but things got a bit chaotic around here and then we left for vacation - thank goodness!

Before we left we held our second waiting families meeting. Approximately ninety people came. I could not get over it. It is always a wonderful experience to get to share this experience with fellow adoptive parents as well as watching the children have a blast.

Back to the vacation..

We drove up to Gainesville to pick up Justin after his summer classes ended and then headed up to Holden Beach, North Carolina. We rented a house on the beach with my sister's family. The first couple of days were rainy and gloomy to say the least but then the skies cleared and the rest of the time was perfect weather; warm sunny days and beautiful evenings. We sat in the sun, did some touristy things ate a lot and played lots of games. It was great to be with family and just relax. We drove back and dropped Justin back at UF and got to have lunch before we left with his girlfriend, Judy. It was a very nice ending to a great week.

When we were away I received an e-mail from our agency notifying us that we are in the review room at the CCAA. Our dossier is being reviewed and within the next 2-3 months we will be matched with a baby. We were so excited to hear about this progress in our adoption journey.

Tomorrow I will be part of a cybershower. Several people in my DTC group have sent a shower gift to another and we are opening our presents while chatting online tomorrow. Sounds a bit sappy but it sure is fun!

Enjoy some pics from our vacation that I have posted below. Don't forget to comment periodically. We love to read the comments.


Bridget Brewer said...

You have a beautiful family. It is so nice to be able to put a face to a name. As we take this wonderful journey of our adoptions together, I hope our daughters and our families meet one another in China.

Best Wishes,
Bridget Brewer
LID April 27, 2005

Anonymous said...

Hi Lori!
Thanks for stopping in to our blog. I love your vacation pix. What a wonderful time you must have had once the clouds passed that is.
See you at Mei Dreams... :^D

DH Charlie
DD Emily Shui Hua b. 7/03 Nanning, Guangxi
2 DKitties =^..^=
Waiting for Carly

Toby said...

Oops, I'm not anonymous!
My clicking finger is already asleep... hee hee


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Allright, the matching room!!! Wow, how exciting.

The vacation pics are awesome, thanks for sharing.