Tuesday, September 20, 2005

C'mon there can't be more than two more months of Hurricane Season Left and Yes, I am paper pregnant!! Ramblings of an Expectant Mom...

Just dodged another bullet with Hurricane Rita. OMG, if we keep getting hurricane warnings for the next 2 months then my already ample behind will look like this. I just asked Marc if it already did and he did his husbandly duty and said NO! Between hurricane season and my paper pregnancy it seems that I have obtained a license to eat. Unfortunately, people with no knowledge of my paper pregnancy do not know that I am expecting and think that I am getting fat for no reason. Does any of this make sense to you?
I just want to know am I alone with all of this or are any of my fellow adoptive moms going through this as well?


Lisa~~ said...

Paper preggos must be allowed to gain some baby weight, just like other preggos. Especially with the stress of all the storms, a little expansion of the booty is to be expected. As long as we can still fit comfortably in the plane seats and be able to climb the Great Wall, we're doing OK.

Our Journey to Baby Shanahan

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'm with ya babe! Send over a pair of those pink big ass shorts for me too. (XL, please) *grin*

Now that I quit work though I'm actually going to exercise every day. I'm not saying for hours a day, a 10 minute walk will count, but I WILL do something every day. So hey, maybe I can order those big ass shorts one size smaller by the time we head to China! Wish me luck!

Carrie Bond said...

You are definitely not the only paper pregnant mom going through this. This wait is paralyzing me!! Maybe we'll get some referral news this week.


Shawna said...

Paper pregnant? HOW CUTE! We are waiting for our referral as well. I am glad I came upon your blog. Thanks for the laughs. They are needed among the weight gain :D