Monday, October 10, 2005

Don't try this at home...Or in a restaurant!

Hello All:

We had our monthly FCC dinner and had a ball as you can see. Marc was up to his old tricks again - always entertaining the kiddos. They absolutely love him and I do too. This is Ryan Przelomski, our special friend with Marc mastering the art of silliness. This event was last Thursday. We also went to a "Gratulations" Party on Sunday for all of the new babies that have come home over this past year. The party and the name was chosen by Jia Trescott, a new big sister and adoptive daughter herself who wanted to welcome her little sister and all of the rest of the children. (How sweet is that?)This soiree was held on Hollywood Beach and all of the children and lots of adults enjoyed the sun, surf, food, conversation and of course the children. I have attached some more pictures from the dinner so enjoy!


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

How fun! And I LOVE that name "Gratulations."

I haven't joined the FCC group yet. Should probably add that to the To Do list. Do you like it? Woudl you recommend it to a friend? ;-)

Lisa~~ said...

Looks like the dinner was a fun time for all, especially Marc! We have had fun with our local FCC group and can't wait to bring our little girl to join the fun.

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