Monday, December 26, 2005

I tried to out run it but it caught up to me!

This is a picture of me these days. The only part of the pic that is not accurate is that this woman's hair is not red :)

Life has been so hectic leading up to the holidays. I tend to be an overachiever this time of year. I think that between the fact that almost everyone in my office is sick and that as usual I overdid it; I came down with quite a bad cold. I did all my normal voodoo to ward it off including using my new favorite product - Airborne - but alas it still got me. This bug was just too potent to be kept down. Marc always says that when I get sick that I never get into the bed like a good patient but that I try to out run it. This one has me running a little bit slower than usual.

Our Chanukah/Christmas celebration was excellent even with the cold. We had a great time and of course ate way too much. My mom makes me my fav cake in the whole wide world - her ice box cake. I always get the leftovers and then eat it for breakfast for the next couple of days. Justin has to leave to go back to school tomorrow as he has a job up there and he has to work. We will miss him terribly.

No news on this next batch of referrals yet. We should hear something in the next week or so. If nothing new happens between now and 2006 this will be my last post of the year. The coming year should bring us many blessings indeed; two of which will be Justin graduating from College and a daughter and sister in our family with the addition of Katie Starr. Oh what a year it will be!

I hope that all of you attain all that you desire in the year to come and that you have good health to enjoy your good fortune. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


Lisa~~ said...

Hope you feel better soon. Keep thinking of Katie Starr and that will keep your spirits up! Have a wonderful New Year!!

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Lori, how did you get sick??? Weren't you just telling me to take Airborne? Hee hee, sorry, couldn't resist.

Seriously though, what a bummer. Hope you get better really soon, and I hope you can at least sleep at night, because being sick isn't half as bad if you can at least sleep. Take care of yourself!