Monday, February 13, 2006

The Baby Shower

Yesterday my mother and my best friend Kira threw us a wonderful baby shower. The turnout was overwhelming and the generosity of friends and family was very moving for Marc and I. We had some very special people come into town for the shower. Among them was my sister Jane, Marc's Aunt Shirley, my longtime friend Cathy and my wonderful son, Justin with his girlfriend Judy.

We ate, socialized, played games and overall had a blast. There was a mountain of gifts there so Marc had to make an executive decision and told the group that we were not going to be able to open the gifts there. Everyone must have been happy about that because a round of applause soon followed that statement. It took a Hummer and an SUV to bring the gifts home. Once we got home it took about three hours to open them all. There had even been several gifts sent to the house before the shower thank goodness. I cannot tell how blessed we feel to have such wonderful people in our lives who love us as we love them.

Here are a few pictures. I did not take that many because I was so excited! If any of you have some from our shower please fork them over :)


Julie said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. That's a TON of gifts, enjoy them all :)


Monica said...


Looks like you had a blast! Katie Starr is a lucky girl to have such a wonderful circle of family & friends.