Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And soon they will be Four....

Tonight we had dinner with our wonderful friends Shannon, Alan, their son Ryan and Shannon's mom, Pattie. We wanted to spend a little time together before Alan and Shannon left for China to pick up their daughter, Mia. Of course, being the mushy girls that we are we had parting gifts for each other. Shannon gave me a ceramic jewelry keepsake box with "Wish upon a Star" written on top of it for our Star, Katie Starr as well as an adorable ladybug pin that she made. I gave Shannon a statue of two women holding hands called "Sisters of the heart". Shannon and I feel very strongly that fate has brought us together in a very special friendship that unites us, our families and our daughters. We know in our hearts that our daughters will share our special bond.

When we parted there was so much emotion in saying goodbye. We know that a very emotional and wonderful two weeks lay ahead for them. They are so eager to unite with their daughter and so sad to be away from their son. Ryan will be home surrounded by his grandparents love so he will be fine but it is so hard to be away from him for such an extended period of time.

Marc and I love them very much and will be sharing very special time with their parents and Ryan while they are away. We will also be eagerly searching on a daily basis for their updates on from 3/24 through 4/8.

Shannon and Alan: We love you very much and look forward to the day that Aunty Lori and Uncle Marc will be at the airport with your loving family and friends to welcome you and Mia home forever.

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Julie said...

Just read Shannon first entries from China, I cried. Yeesh, I'm in big trouble on Gotcha Day. I may need a roll of paper towels!