Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Waiting for TA and Preparing

Hi All:

We are still waiting for travel approval and slowly but surely preparing for our journey of a lifetime. You cannot even imagine the lists that I have going right now but I am really knocking off the items pretty quickly. My friend Shannon, who is in China now has informed me to stop preparing and wait until she comes home so I can look at the notes that she has made for me. I hope to be able to post news about when we travel within 10 days. Believe me...when we know you will know :)


howard said...

My sweet Lori sometime the wait and planning is actually greater than the actual event. So lie back and breath and listen to your good friends Shannon and wait for her her return from her journey to China. Meanwhile let the expecting dad, Marc do all the running and planning to him relaxed and busy. By the way what is the name of your monthly group, for doctor Tepper has friends that belong to a monthly group in Pembroke Pines.

Aimee said...

Pack, throw out some stuff, repack, throw out some stuff.....I remember packing. Not fun! Just don't go over the weight limit...it get's very expensive when ya do.