Monday, May 08, 2006

We are leaving in the morning to get our Katie Starr :)

We are up tomorrow at 4 am to begin the journey to finally bring home our Katie Starr. We will be in LA all day hanging out with some friends until almost midnight when our flight departs Los Angeles and travels 15 hours to Guangzhou, China. We then connect another 2.5 hours to Beijing and somehow it becomes the 11th even though we leave on the 9th :)

We will be sending home photos and journals every day on The Story of You. We hope that you follow along with us as we become a family of four. We receive our girl on Mother's Day.

Here is the link:


Monica said...


I am so happy for you & your family! How great for a mother to have 2 such important days for both of her children in 1 week! Congrats to Justin & can't wait to see pictures of Katie Starr Day!


Donna said...

oops! I just noticed that I can't "subscribe" to pages stored on "The Story of You" so I won't be able to follow your journey. Darn! Have a wonderful trip and I'll check your blog when you get back and update it.


M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

Have a great trip guys!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pictures of you holding Katie Starr.

Stephanie said...

Have a great time in China - we cannot wait to read everything about the first meeting with Katie. Wow! We cannot wait to see her! Soon you will have your baby in your arms and everything you have waited for comes true! Enjoy this exciting time in your life.
We will think of you all the time.
Love, Stephanie, David and Joshua