Monday, July 31, 2006

Meet Katie Starr's New Friend Kacey

This is Katie's new friend Kacey. I consider her mommy, Julie and her grandma, Susan to be good friends of mine. I had the good fortune to meet Julie through this wonderful adoption community and our local FCC Chapter. Over a year ago we started our chapter and Susan(Kacey's Grandma) started attending our monthly gatherings here in South Florida. Julie has also attended one of our gatherings when she came from Atlanta to see her mom. Julie and her mom Susan have been a huge source of support to me and my family throughout this tough wait and I hope that they know how much I care about them and their family.

Congratulations to Julie and her whole family!! Your Kacey Susan Xiao Mei is such a beautiful and precious girl. Katie and I are looking forward to meeting her so much.

You can read all about it at:
Chasing Little Kacey


Anonymous said...

Lori and family.
This has been a special journey with very special people and it is just getting up to speed now.. We are friends of the heart(a true red thread). Jim and I and our family and friends are still floating on air. When we saw the pictures, it was Kacey! We have been so blessed with this gift.
Susan(Kacey's Grandmother)

Julie said...

Wow, I'm so behind on my BLOG reading...this Mommy thing is hard work (fun though!) I even missed Kacey on your home page.

I love thinking of she and Katie growing up together, it's going to be delightful to watch. Maybe they can even go to Florida State together (that's for you Justin hehehe)!!!!!

Do you think that Marc would mind taking Kacey down that BIG SLIDE for me because I am scared of heights :) :)