Tuesday, August 29, 2006

More wonderful news

Emma Grace "Gracie"

There were two more special people to me that received referrals in this latest batch. First check out Emma Grace who will be known as Gracie. I have grown very close to her family and most especially to her mom, Angel. We met her and her husband Rodney through this process and they are members of our local FCC Chapter. They are a special family and Gracie will have three older brothers that will adore her. She is a true beauty and will be in Katie Starr's growing circle of friends :)

The other incredible news is the referral of twins to my fellow blogger, Mary Mia and her husband Rod. Mary Mia and I have been conversing for the past 20 months or so. Even though we have never met I feel like she is an old friend and know someday that our paths will cross. Her identical twins are Rose and Marie . They are absolutely adorable. Congratulations to both families!!


tracy said...

GASP....Emma Grace is our top name, SHHHH, don't tell anyone though. My (ex) good friend snatched it from us on the 11th hour of going home from the hospital. We are still considering, but, for a dozen years I have always pictured an Emma Grace from Asia in our home.

M3 (Mary-Mia) said...

I'm still giddy. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angel said...

Thanks for putting Gracie on your blog! I can't wait to bring her home so she can meet all her playmates.

What wonderful friends we've made through this process!