Friday, August 11, 2006

What is more fun than a present? The box it comes in :)


Toby & Charlie said...

I love the blog's new name! But you will someday have to change it again to, say, .... Four Please! :^D
She sure has the right idea here with her box. I see you snuck a barrette in too. I do that also, but Carly always finds it within a minute and yanks it out. I guess they are a little alike, huh?
It was great seeing you, Marc and Justin last night and of course the wonderful Miss Katie Starr!
Toby & Co.

Tammie said...


Katie does look like she's really enjoying that box. What an absolutely adorable girl you & Marc have. Erin is totally in love with Katie. BTW, I'm sure we had more fun with the boxes also!

Lanny and Heather said...

Hi Katie Starr!
You're getting so big and even more beautiful, Sweetie. I'm finding your friend Libby likes common items like boxes and plastic bottles and brooms in addition to her toys. Give your family hugs from us. :)

Wicked Witch said...

I have been following your blog since befor eyou went. She is growing up sooo much. I think her face shape is changing. She is looking more like a toddler now. Super cute!

Anna said...

Cute picture! What a sweet girl!

Angel said...

Katie is adorable. Blake still loves to play in boxes and he just turned 13.