Monday, September 11, 2006

I am worn out lately and so is my "E" !

The men in my life have been making fun of me because as you can see the "E" on my laptop keyboard is almost worn away and my "S" and "A" are not far behind. The "E" barely works; I have to keep tapping it to get it working. I guess they think that I am online too way..not me!!


Diana said...

It is all the letters in Katie Starrs name:) What a beautiful reason to "wear" them out:)
I so enjoy reading about Katie..thanks!!!

tracy said...

Katie Star is adorable! Thanks for visiting my site.

Julie said...

It's my ? key that is down for the count. Maybe I'm on-line too much also!!!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Thank you for stopping by. My blog is still so new and naked.Katie Starr is getting so big and even more beautiful.

howard said...

Lori dearv I think it is time to replace your lap top. If you have not began you 2006 holiday list then it is time to do so. A computer misiing keys is not appropriate and needs mending to. so start your list and place laptop on top.

uncke howard