Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Blogger is giving me fits!!

I would love to be able to post pictures from yesterday but unfortunately blogger is frustrating the heck out of me by not allowing me to post them.

Yesterday was Halloween and Justin's 22nd birthday. We went to a large celebration that was being held in a town nearby. Marc was entertaining there so Justin and I took our little ladybug (Katie Starr) there. My parents joined us as well. Katie was very happy to suck on a lollipop, share it with anyone that would lick it with her (thankfully that was just our family) and check out all of the festivities. Her daddy brought her on stage at one point and she had a ball.

Marc had to work a few hours at the event so the rest of the family went out for dinner and celebrated Justin's birthday. It is so hard for me to get over that my Mr. J is 22 now. How in the hell did that happen?!? We had such a nice time together but had to end the evening rather quickly as our Starr was on sugar overload. We bid a hasty retreat from the restaurant and got her home. Unfortunately, the moment we put her into bed some late trick or treaters decided to bang on the door and ring the bell about 50 times at once. Katie woke up and screamed; she was so upset. It took us another hour to get her to bed. When Marc came home I just looked at him and told him I was so tired that I could cry. Besides a full day at work and the evenings festivities we have also been dealing with Katie waking an hour and a half earlier every morning since we ended daylight savings time...Ugh. I got to bed fairly early for me and felt much better this morning.

Tomorrow I will try again to post photos.


Tammie said...

Even without pics, I know that momma Lori was glowing with her 2 babies. Katie Starr must have been so cute in her ladybug costume.

Toby & Charlie said...

Happy belated birthday to Justin and hoping you are getting some more good rest! Our trick-or-treaters did the same thing but Miss Carly slept right through it. Emily, on the other hand, woke up crying. So I hear ya'!
Next year we'll have to post a mean dog on the porch to keep 'em away. lol

Julie said...

I can feel your pain, I was so tired last Friday from my first week back at work and waking up with Kacey every night I cried at work--for no good reason! Thank goodness no one saw me and only you and your millions of readers know the truth :)