Sunday, November 05, 2006

How Sweet is That?

This picture was taken last weekend at a local art festival that we attended with our good friends Toby and Charlie and their wonderful "far east" kids, Emily and Carly. We had a wonderful time with them. The day was bright and beautiful and the company even better. They traveled at the same time that we did to adopt their daughter Carly and for the months leading up to our trip to China we got to know them and watch their sweet Emily in action. Whenever Toby and I get together there is never a loss for conversation. We definitely speak the same language. I hope that our girls grow up to be great friends.

Here is Emily hangin with our Katie. We look forward to the next time that we all get to hang together again :)

1 comment:

Toby & Charlie said...

I love that one too!
And we always have a fantastic time hanging out with you guys. Hope to do it again soon...