Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Six Month Anniversary and Here We Grow Again :)

Six months ago today Wu Hong Shan was placed into our arms sound asleep. Little did she know that she would become Katie Starr Hongshan Weinstock and that her destiny would be forever changed. As many of you know Katie had a very tough start after coming to us in that state of sleep and also after living her first four months in an orphanage and then what we feel was a wonderful foster home for the next nine months. As far as she was concerned having her destiny changed was not necessarily a good thing; grief followed our sweet girl for quite some time.

Fast forward to today and we can say without reservation that Katie is as happy of a child as we have ever known. I am sure that the coming months and even years will continue to deepen the trust and bond that she has with us but truly she is one happy camper. Laughter reverberates in our home and there is not a day that goes by that we do not thank G-d for our precious daughter.

When we began our quest for this child Marc always said that he wanted a second. I said that I did not think that I wanted to adopt a second time. I learned early on in life to never say never so I did not close any doors. Over the past two months or so Marc and I have been seriously discussing adopting again. We do feel that it is important for Katie to have a sister or brother to go though life with and we have a lot of love to give to another child from China so....the paperchase for our third child begins today in slow motion so that we can be DTC on our one year "forever in our arms day" anniversary for the NSN program. We are open to the special needs program as well. We will have to wait and see what path we take to our next precious child.

Then and Now


Monica said...

Happy 6 months together! Wow did that go fast! Congratulations on your decision to go for #3.

Anonymous said...

I have been so busy with Kayli I have no time to communicate let alone figure out how to blog, I hardly even take photos. Kayli was a lady bug for Halloween also!
I am so happy for you and Marc to go save another baby. At least the long wait can't be as stressful as the last one! :)
See you in feb.
Ronda O'Brien

tracy said...

Happy 6 months as a family! Congrats to move forward on another adoption. It sounds as though little Katie has grown in so many ways!

Dannye said...

Congrats on your decision to adopt a brother or sister for Katie Starr (what a great name), and thanks for sharing her with us.

Julie said...

Well aren't you something! Congrats on #2 I can't wait to follow another journey, Katie really is one HAPPY camper.

Wicked Witch said...

Yeah, we will have another adventure to watch. Congrats!