Friday, February 16, 2007

A Couple of Cute Pics

Here are a couple of cute pictures from the past week. Last weekend we attended the Florida GWCA Chinese New Year Celebration in Tampa and had a ball. I will post those pictures when I receive a few more from some Friends who were nice enough to take some as I only took a couple.

Here is Katie Starr with her two friends (from left to right) Erin and Olivia at our monthly social dinner sucking away on their push pops

Today we took Katie Starr to the Doctor for more shots and tests as well as an early 2 year old check up. Katie was not too happy and decided during the exam that she would put her pants on and leave. As you can see she would not have gotten very far with both of her legs in the one pant leg :)


eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Oh bless, that photo of her with her pants on all wrong is a riot!

Tammie said...

What!? Katie doesn't enjoy going to the doctor's office!? I love the pic. She truly is a Starr!

BTW, when we got home from the dinner, Erin couldn't wait to show her the bag of goodies she got from Miss Lori. David thanks you too for the sugar rush!

Looking forward to Miss Yip's!