Monday, February 26, 2007

We are Blessed by Friendship

It is amazing how many wonderful friends have come into our life through the adoption process. Friend's for Marc and I and friends for Katie and for Ethan when he comes home. Katie even had a ready made best friend before she even stepped foot on American Soil. The lovely Mia is that friend and of course her mommy and daddy, Shannon and Alan, are two of Marc and my closest friends and we met them through this process..amazing!!

On Saturday we had our FCC Playgroup that our good friends Candy and David host and we took the opportunity to take some pictures for our dossier. Our agency asks us to take some pictures of Katie with friends and we had quite a few of them right there. It was challanging to get all of the kiddos to settle down long enough to take picture but it was lots of fun as well. There were a few friends that came after this pic was taken but we struck while we felt the iron was hot and took it. We were also lucky enough to have
Julie and Kacey in visiting with Nana and PopPop; what fun!!

Sunday we saw our friends
Dawn, Jacob and Lily at our Chinese New Year Festival here in Miami. We were so happy to see them. Their daughter Lily is a sweetheart!!

Today I took the opportunity to visit Kacey with Katie Starr. We had a great time. They fed the ducks some bread by the lake and of course ate some bread at the same time, they sat on the hammock, they had a tea party, played with play dough (Katie still thinks it is food and attempts to eat it), played magna doodle and then topped off the visit with lunch out at Pollo Tropical. We hope to see Julie and Kacey again soon and a huge thanks to Nana Susan and PopPop Jim for your hospitality and friendship. Your granddaughter is scrumpdelyicious!!

I could go on and on with this subject. Marc and I had special friends before this process and are lucky enough now to have even more friendship in our lives. The adoption community is amazing and we consider ourselves very blessed to be a part of it.

This was the last and best shot - From L to R Julie holding Kacey, Me holding Katie Starr with Marc behind me, Sandy and the Poko Pack scattered throughout, behind Sandy is Candy and David, and in front of Candy is Lisa holding Lauren.

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eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I am just so glad that you guys went to the Half The Sky walk all those years ago.....(all of 2 years ago) and we met.
Friends like you are a privilege.