Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Inevitable Has Happened!!

OK, we know that we are mature parents for goodness sake but I think the next exchange was a bit too much.

Marc was sitting in McDonald's with Katie today and across the dining room were two senior citizens (ladies) They looked over at Marc and commented about what a nice Grandpa he was - and then under their breath to each other they said or is it dad? Marc strongly said Dad and then proceeded to call me at work and started the conversation by telling me in a laughing tone that the "inevitable had happened and he was labeled Katie Starr's grandfather. I think his next call was to the hair stylist to have the gray covered. I on the other hand do not know and never intend to know if I am gray. Only my hair stylist knows for sure.

I know that theoretically we could be grandparents as Justin is 22; in fact I made my mom a grandmother at 46 and I am 46 next month....oy!! My grandparents seemed so much older than I seem!! I wonder if they felt the same way. Now I am toying with the idea of renaming my blog "Diapers and Depends" What do you all think?


Angel said...

Oh my! At least Marc can laugh at anything!

Beckyb said...

That is so good you are laughing - neither of you look old enough to be grandparents unless you are YOUNG ones!!! They are just jealous!!!! :) LOL!!!

nikki said...

You two look fabulous!
I think the senior citizens need to get their bifocals checked!

Diana said...

I had a man ask me in McDonalds also if I had my GRANDKIDS with me..I said NO, I AM THE MOM. Soooo I am thinking Prince Charles is right and we all need to Boycott McDonals:)
Your new blog name idea made me LAUGH:0

Anonymous said...

Lori & Marc,
I had a good chuckle reading this story about Marc and Katie.
As life goes, way back when Marc's Dad Allen was a 6 year old, and his uncle who was 4 were at the beach with Marc's Grandpa Ben. A young girl who was about the same age was being chased by the two boys and throwing sand at her, she ran up to their Dad Ben and cried "Your 2 grandsons are throwing sand at me!
We teased my Dad about that one for many years.
So, does life repeat itself? LOL
Aunt Shirley

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

We can relate, and that's all I have to say about that matter!

Short sighted twits!

tracy said...

You guys look adorable, tell them seniors to mind their depends.

Tammie said...

I'm assuming that these seniors were not wearing their glasses?? Or perhaps their hearing aids needed adjusting. I'm sure that Katie Starr must have called Marc "daddy" at some time during their visit to McD's.

As for hair color, I would never have known you to have even one gray hair brave enough to peek out!

Chelley said...

LOL well maybe they need their eyes checked!!!

or you guys better get your matching walking sticks out!!!

YOU def dont look like you need any depends YET!!

Heza Hekele said...

That would be a hilarious title! What are you thinking of callling the blog when Ethan arrives home?
"Three and Two Highchairs"? or "Officially Outnumbered"?

Anna said...

Ouch! I haven't been asked that yet. But have been asked multiple times if I am the babysitter! I try to take that to mean I look young (but they probably just assume that since I don't "look" like Molly and therefore couldn't be her mom)!

howard said...

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Sean & Judy said...

Great story! Love your idea for the new title but I don't think it is necessary:-) You are both very much like my husband and I, we usually deal with situations through humor. Looking forward to updates of your newest son.


bbmomof2boys said...

heh....can't wait for those comments!


Heather said...

Marc is such a good sport! What gray? You know, those two "sweet" seniors were probably hitting on your handsome husband! You'll have to teach Katie to hold out her hand and say, "Back off ladies, my Daddy is taken!"

More than once, I've been mistaken for Libby's babysitter-- it must be the ponytail. :)

Salome's Mom said...

Oh that is funny. I have the same relationship with my hairdresser. We make sure I am never in shock as to the knowledge of how much grey I do have.

Both my husband and I have both been congratulated on our beautiful grandchild--twice by the same waitress.