Sunday, April 15, 2007

Katie Starr's 2nd Birthday Pictures

Katie Starr had a wonderful birthday celebration that lasted two days. That is the norm in our house. I am all about birthdays :)

What a difference a year makes; at this time last year we were celebrating her birthday while she was still in China. We were a month away from going to China and were so sad to be away from her on such a big day. We really tried to make her birthday special and may have gone a "bit overboard" this year but it was all good. One of our goals was to raise money for a child that needs surgery in China and donate the money through Love Without Boundaries. If you remember from a previous post our Ethan was given his life saving operation in exactly this same way. A wonderful woman by the name of Kelly Doctor and her family had a two year old birthday party for their daughter and then donated the money for his surgery as well as one of his orphanage mates. We decided to do the same thing, so our party goers were kind enough to honor our wishes and we raised over 600.00 towards the 2000.00 needed for a very special little girls surgery. If you would like to know more about Wu Hong Cai and would consider donating for her surgery please
click here She was in the same orphanage as Katie was at about the same time. One of our travel mates is even considering adopting this sweet child. We were more than thrilled to be able to connect this red thread and help in any way possible.

Katie seemed a little out of sorts at the party. I chalked it up to waaaay to many people and being over stimulated but I think the problem was that she was getting sick. When we got home she started with a low grade fever and by today she was full blown ill with a temp that spiked up to 104 degrees in the late afternoon. I hope that she is feeling a bit better in the morning.

Here are some pics from the two days. On her birthday we had a quiet day and cut a cake for her and then Saturday was the big shindig...enjoy!!

I love my Elmo Medical Kit

Justin and I are checking out Daddy's throat...say aaaaaah daddy!!

No, this is not the peace sign or "V" for victory...Katie is 2 today!!!


Heather said...

Hope you feel better soon Katie Starr. Mommy might have to use your Elmo doctor kit to help. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday party and lots of fun. What a wonderful thing you did helping Wu Hong Cai too, thank you! All the yummy birthday cakes are making my mouth water. :) Get well soon sweetheart.

we love you,
Mr. Lanny, Ms. Heather, and Libby

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to one very special little girl.
I hope you are feeling all better soon.

Sean & Judy said...

Lucky girl and lucky parents! Happy belated birthday to Katie Starr! The cupcakes look so yummy! We too are looking forward to Kylie's b-day in August with much anticipation. I was sad to have missed her birthday last year as we arrived in China a few weeks after she turned two.

Kylie started her tantrums a long time ago...should I be concerned? :-)


Tammie said...


It was a wonderful party! Erin passed out right in the middle of a tantrum about how she wanted to stay & play.

I was so impressed with your Cookie Monster cupcakes. They looked marvelous - especially with Hansen & Emma wearing him.

Congrats on raising the funds for the surgery.

nikki said...

Happy be-lated birthday sweet Katie Starr!
Looks like a darn good time was had by all...I loved the cute cupcakes!