Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ramblings of a 46 year old Mommy with a fever

I am sure that you are a bit curious about the title of this post as it is a bit strange.

Tuesday, I turned 46 years old and became sick to my stomach and not because I turned 46 years old ~smirk~ I actually had some bug working on me that had me holding my tummy. Unfortunately, I also had to emcee a luncheon/meeting for about 80 people that day and it was a moment by moment exercise in mind over matter. The wonderful perk to butching up and not asking someone else to cover it were the beautiful flowers that my husband sent to the luncheon to be delivered to my table and the cake that my father brought in and then lead the room in a boisterous rendition of the birthday song while tears welled up in my eyes.

I left the meeting and crawled into bed; subsequently calling off a birthday dinner that we were to have that evening. Now anyone that knows me at all knows that I had to be mighty sick to do that since 1.) I am the ultimate birthday girl who loves everything birthday; most especially my own and 2.) I never miss a meal. I had obviously seen better days.

The crazy thing about the virus is that it has swept through our happy home as well as my place of business like the plague and that it has moved through my body in fits and starts. It started 2 weeks ago with a dizzy spell and a general feeling of malaise, then I thought I was doing better until the congestion set in, then I dried up and my ears started hurting, then came the stomach issues and now I sit here in a Saturday evening with a fever, sore throat and chills. OK, enough already, I am going to will this bad boy bug from my body and banish it into exile.

On another note; Last evening after the rescheduled birthday dinner we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things that turned into a SUV full of things when I had the most melancholy moment concerning a sullen teenager and our Starr. While we were checking out the grumpy young woman began loading our cart. Katie turned to her and said "hi" and gave her best 2 year old huge smile and wave. The girl grunted at her; barely acknowledging her. Katie of course did not know the difference and continued to stare at the girl in wonder and amazement as she packed and loaded groceries as if she was the best thing since sliced bread. I looked at my daughter's beautiful and innocent face and felt such love and gratitude for the stage that she is currently in with all of it's purity and wide eyed wonder. Then I felt sadness that she will lose that to a certain extent as we all do. Of course, I realize that she will never be that sullen teenage (I will not allow it..LOL) but she will not be the uncensored and innocent being that she is now in a couple of years. Another happier wave of emotion washed over as it occurred to me that having children allows us to enter that unspoiled territory again and see the joy and wonder of life through their eyes during the baby and toddler years. Now that I am writing this it seems a bit odd that this all happened while we were walking to the car with our groceries; but it did.

This morning I woke up and took Katie to a scheduled FCC Play group as I had already made the commitment to do so even though I felt like death warmed over and then drug my body home where I curled up in the fetal position and let Katie vegetate through hours of mindless kiddie television next to me on the bed (which I never do) because I felt so crummy and the menfolk were both at work. Justin then came home and provided reinforcement to his dear ol' mum (man I love that kid O' mine) and hopefully tomorrow this bad boy bug will bid me a final adieu and be banished into exile to never rear it's ugly head again.

Oh, and before I go; a special thank you goes out to my good friend
Dawn who nominated my blog for the "Thinking Bloggers Award". I personally feel that Dawn has surpassed me greatly in the blogging category and you can judge for yourself by checking out Dawn blogs almost daily about her life as mother to the beautiful Lily and wife to Jacob as they bear the wait (very gracefully, I might add) for their yet unnamed daughter, affectionately known to us as Chopsticks. You will enjoy her very witty and quite British writing style. I feel honored to have her as my friend. Huge hugs my friend - and just be glad that they are cyber since I am probably contagious.

Goodnight all as I slip into fevered delirium ;-)


Tami said...

This bug sounds like a real stinker! I hope you feel better soon!

Kim :) said...

Take care of yourself and feel better soon!! I have been following the journey to Katie Starr since The Story of You!

nikki said...

I hope you are feeling better today. I have caught a strand of that nasty bug myself, and am feeling like total crapola today.

As for your "Mommy moment" at the store: they certainly sneak up on you, and can happen any old place. Your Starr will certainly never snub a cutie 2 year old's greeting -- even when she is a teen. I truly believe that.

Heather said...

Happy Birthday Lori! Feel better soon.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday and I am sorry you are feeling so badly!! Hugs and kisses from me and Molly.

Tammie said...

I hope you're feeling better today. You sounded exhausted at yesterday's luncheon although I always enjoy a nice afternoon chatting with you & the other gals.

Now go call that doctor! I don't think the tea will help at this point.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Oh Lori I am so sorry you feel so yucky. Please get well soon.

Thanks for the kind words on my taught me it all and I have time to do since I don't have a real job like you. LOL