Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We have been thrown a bone

Today we received a very short update from the CCAA about Ethan. This is a periodic update that was sent to the agency with no pictures attached but we are grateful to receive any scraps of information thrown our way; hence we have been thrown a bone :)

Here is the updated info:
Height: 31.5 inches
Weight: 23 lbs
Head circumference: 48cm
Chest circumference: 48cm
Foot size:12cm
Teeth: 15

Physical Condition
He can walk with the help of a go-cart. He can stand by holding something. He can walk when someone holds one of his hands. He can sit well by himself.

Mental Development Condition
He is clever. He is well developed and active. He is close to his care-taker.

Meal Schedule and Preference
Eating time: 7:30am, 10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:30pm and 7:30pm. His staple food is milk powder (jinxing brand) plus lotus seed rice flour. His non-staple food is rice, noodles, meat soup, cookies and cakes and so on.

Daily Life, Personality, Hobbies etc.
He gets up at 7:00am, take a nap at 1:30pm and hit the bed at 8:00pm. I will leave out his bowel and bladder routine - Definitely TMI!!

He is active and smiles when he sees familiar people.

Favorite Toys and Activities
He likes dolls best (hmmmmm?) and likes to play outside with other children.

Foster Institute: Social Welfare Institute Of Xiajiang city, Jiangxi province
March 23, 2007

Even though the top of the document had all of Ethan's identifying information we asked for the agency to re verify the info as the narrative was written from the perspective of "she" instead of "he" and of course there was that doll comment....LOL


Anna said...

I'm laughing on the doll comment! I am glad to hear you got some information!

Heather said...

The doll comment was for a)future blackmail and b)Katie Starr,she'll be excited that he'll play dolls with her, and she can play cars with him, it'll work out great. So happy you got some new info on Ethan. What's your timeline looking like? Not soon enough I know. Give Katie a hug for us.

nikki said...

Oh, that is just funny!
Glad you were given some info...hopefully it is on Ethan and not Suzie.
Katie Starr is good about sharing her dolls, right!?

Anonymous said...

So happy you finally got some info on Ethan.
I would imagine that the orphanage has more girls than boys, thus the dolls are more abundant.
But when he gets "home" I know he will have many cars and trains and trucks that he will love.
I enjoyed reading about Ethan and love him already!
Aunt Shirley

Carol and Taylor said...

As I always say, there's nothing better than knawing on the bone! Enjoy this one for all it worth. I check your site every day, just to see his cute little face. Can't wait to meet him.

Kind regards from Miami

Tammie said...

Dolls?? I know. Ethan's playing with GI Joe! Don't worry.

The update sounds wonderful! I can't wait for you guys to travel again. We need to have Ethan come home & round out the numbers of boys.

Erin has started to notice that there is someone else on Katie Starr's page. She asked me who that was & got very excited that there will be another friend coming home.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

He is going to be such a liberated little chap ! Perfect for South Florida.

He sounds even more divine than before.