Sunday, May 27, 2007

I have to post these two gems for posterity

I often think as I am sure many of you do that I have to write down the cute things that Katie Starr is doing and saying before they escape my memory forever. Tonight I will share a couple of funny anecdotes with you and for posterity.

This evening we went to our favorite Pizzeria to get a Pie. While we were waiting for our food to be brought out Katie colored. I took one of the crayons and drew a line. I asked her if she could draw a line as well. She drew a line and then roared. We looked at her completely puzzled and asked her why she was roaring. She said "Lion". I started laughing and said "No, Katie; mommy said Line. She kept roaring and saying Lion. I never thought of Lion and Line as homonyms.

After that bit of cuteness our pizza was brought out as well as Katie's spaghetti. Katie always ends up looking like she went through a spaghetti fight by the time that she is finished as there is so much sauce all over her. While we were enjoying our food Katie looks at me and says Mom; Uh oh!! and points to a tiny spot of sauce on my pinkie. We laughed so hard at the thought of her thinking that my tiny spot was worthy of an Uh oh!! when she was painted in red.

We have so many of these moments every day and they totally make me want to freeze our daughter at this age as she is so adorable right now; just too cute for words :) Thanks for listening to this rambling mom; I just had to get it down before it was gone forever.


Tammie said...

These are the moments that we live for! I can just see Katie Starr roaring. As for the red mess a/k/a Katie Starr, we have had that problem with Erin. I always think that I need to have a waterproof outfit for Italian nights!

What I really want to know is where is the picture of mommy's messy pinky?

Heza Hekele said...

So important to write down the funny stuff!

It's amazing how much stuff is only remembered if written down!

Reading such quips also helps a lot to lighten the mood when the delayed terrible two's hit (also known as age three) and Mommy is spending a lot of time chanting to herself, "This too shall pass! This too shall pass! This too shall pass!"

Dannye said...

too funny, gotta love the things that kids say and do!!!

M3 said...

Love it! That girl is too damn funny. Good for you on capturing these moments - it's hard and they're so fleeting. I try as hard as I can to imprint them in my brain and I know they're still going to slip away...

PS: We ordered one of those learning towers. You are totally and 100% to blame. ;-)

Sean & Judy said...

Precious moments! I need to get better at jotting things down because Kylie continues to amaze us with her personality and I soon forget when she started doing what!

I just started catching up with your blog again. Let me know when you are coming into town. Can't wait for us and the girls to meet.


nikki said...

I love to hear the sweet "ramblings" of another mom.
Katie sure is a cutie -- love the roar of a line!