Monday, June 04, 2007

Lucky Number 7

This is the number of years that Marc and I have been married. On June 4, 2000 we were officially united in matrimony. It has been the best seven years of my life. Life with Marc is all about love, partnership and laughter. We totally speak the same language. There is no one else in the universe that I can imagine would be a better match for me than him. Having a daughter has brought a new dimension to our marriage. It amazes me daily to see Marc be a father to the amazing Katie Starr. I always knew that he would make a wonderful father as he was so awesome with Justin. Like everyone else we have our moments but they are few and far between. I am a passionate and intense person and Marc is a perfect complement to my personality as he is as steady as they come. He doesn't let much upset him and he keeps me grounded. I on the other hand give him a run for his money.

I predict that the next seven years will be even better than the first as we have so much to look forward to. Happy Anniversary Hubs!! Love, Your Starr


Tammie said...

Lori & Marc,

Mazal Tov on your anniversary!! I must say that IMHO, you 2 are a perfect match! When we get together, I see a couple united in love, friendship & respect.

May you have another 100 years of love, friendship & respect!

Sean & Judy said...

Congrats on your anniversary and cheers to lots more to come!


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. You are an amazing couple.

kris said...

Happy Anniversary!

M3 said...

Happy Anniversary!!!