Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A Little Business and a Lotta Pleasure!

Just over a week ago we attended the Florida State Convention for my company and Marc also entertained at the event as he always does. It is held in Marco Island, Florida at a beautiful resort. We have the same event every year and we try to extend it and make it a quasi vacation. This year was no different. We invited my sister and her family, Justin's girlfriend Judy and her sister Joyce and of course my dad and mom were with us as well. My nephew Sam stayed with us for the next few days following our trip as well. It was all great fun and the following are pictures that will tell the tale. Unfortunately, I do not think I got into even one of them. I am usually the picture taker.

Katie chose that weekend to begin putting real sentences together and is really talking up a storm now. Her favorite phrase last week was I love Sammmmm!! She stretches out the "M" for true emphasis. She loved her cousin and looked forward to seeing him each morning and he was so wonderful with her. Katie is fixated on airplanes ever since we took Sam to the airport and we explained to her that he was going on an airplane to go home to his mom and dad. She looks for them incessantly and tells me that Sam is in AIRPLANE!!!

The weekend was full of laughing, eating, swimming, dancing and more eating :) Katie even tried to take a french fry from a total stranger at the pool (see photo below) what a laugh that one was. Thankfully the victim of her crime was very sweet and generous.

We made some wonderful family memories....


Angel said...

Your trip sounds wonderful! I love all the pictures and the video. Just think, next year you will have Ethan with you as well.

love ya,

Vivian M said...

What a great vacation! The pictures are awesome and Katie looks so big...love the ponytails! I am glad you all had a wonderful family reunion even if you had to work!

Beckyb said...

Good times with family - those are the best!!! Your pictures on the last post were good too - very fun!

Steffie B. said...

Glad it was a wonderful time!