Sunday, July 08, 2007

An Urgent Plea for a Child in China ~ Please Read ~

This plea for help has been published on many listservs by a prominet member of the adoption community. Please read the following, look into your heart and give what you can. Here is the Urgent Plea....

Occasionally one comes across a story that gives you renewed hope in happy endings and the power of hope...and makes you grateful that there are families in this world that will risk so much to bring hope to a child. Hundreds of thousands of children live as orphans in China...and as they get older, their hope for finding a family dims and then goes out at the age of 14. If they are lucky enough to have their file sent to the CCAA, they might be adopted, but if that dreaded 14th birthday rolls around before their family finds them, they are doomed to a life that most of us can't even imagine. With little education and no one to turn to, their life most likely includes begging on the streets. For girls, the chances of adoption are better...for boys, not so much. For a 13 year old boy with a visible special need, the chance is slim indeed. Right now there is a boy in Henan – a beautiful boy with a smile whose dimples melt the heart. He's been looking for his family for a long time...waiting and waiting and waiting and going to bed at night with the hope of a home on his heart. His orphanage saw his wonderful he is with the younger children...his artistic abilities...and sent his file to the CCAA to try to find him a home. The SWI had the faith that a family would see this boy and realize his potential and a family did! They began the paperwork...but then were unable to continue. What now? Time was running out…this child would be unadoptable in a few short months. I remember the pleas that IAAP put out into the adoption world to find this boy's true family...and the commitment they made to help a family get it done. A family stepped forward and under amazing circumstances was able to prepare a dossier and get it to China in June. Can you even imagine? They got their dossier together in less than a month!! But they'd been home only half a year with their little daughter from China...and would need some time to get the money together. The willingness to step into this young man's life, to take the risk and do what it takes to bring him home is stunning in it's faith. Who could believe that it could be done? The Kubicek's believed and because of their amazing capacity to hope and trust that it would workout Fu Yang is coming home. Imagine their shock when they found out on the 4th of July that they would have to be in China just a few weeks after their dossier was sent. He desperately needs his family to sign his adoption papers by July 15 – just one week from today. He turns 14 in ONE WEEK!!! Where would the money come from? They need $5,000 more to bring this child can this possible happen? I know how this can happen...I've SEEN it happen. Six months ago I set up a website to try to replace a grant for Django...a child whose grant was removed by the donor after they discovered the sensitive nature of Django's special need. In just over a month the Chinese adoption community came together and raised just under $5,000. IT CAN BE DONE!!!! At times a situation comes up in our community where we need to pull together and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the life of a child. This is one of those situations...and the TIME IS SHORT!!!! This isn't about a family raising money to bring home a's about a COMMUNITY coming together to give this child the gift of a family. Please, can you give $5, $10, $50 to Fu Yang??? THIS CHILD HAS ONE WEEK LEFT BEFORE HE WILL NEVER EVER HAVE A HOME. It is very easy to contribute, as they have a ChipIn set up...all it takes is a few clicks: I salute the Kubicek family for their willingness to believe in miracles...let's make one happen for them!

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