Sunday, August 05, 2007

A Photo Shoot at the Beach with our FCC Beauties

We drove to the beach early yesterday morning to attempt a photo shoot with several members of our FCC Group. It was so much fun ~ not entirely successful photo wise ~ but truly a blast. Our photographer was an FCC dad who has a great natural talent and a real love for all of our children but many of his subjects were....well; let's just say a little unwilling :) Nevertheless, it was a wonderful morning full of laughing, crying, more laughing and more crying and after all of that was done just enjoying the ocean breezes, water and each other. Here are 2 videos from the shoot. Then I have loaded just a few photos from the hundreds that were taken.

My FCC Group is awesome and I treasure all of their friendship and support immensely.


kris said...

Glad you guys all had fun!

Beckyb said...

Oh - that sounds like so much fun!!! Reunions are always good!!!

Julie said...

The pictures are fantastic, I wish Kacey could have been there. One more crier is always welcome:)

Tammie said...

I can't believe that I missed all that fun! I'm tellin' ya, this having to work for the bacon is for the birds. I'd much rather have been at the beach with everyone else.

I love the video clips.

Sean & Judy said...

I love the pics and video clips! The girls are all so pretty in their white outfits. I'm looking forward to attending our 1st outing with the FCC-CF group next month. We will be mtg at Cocoa Beach.

Miss you guys! I hope there is another opportunity for us to get together again sometime this year:-)