Friday, August 17, 2007

You gotta love a girl with an opinion

The other day Marc, Katie Starr and I went shopping at the mall and while Marc went to buy something that we needed for the house Katie and I went to a shoe store to look for some closed toe shoes for Fall/Winter. Well, Miss Katie is very attached to the shoes pictured here ~ her pink crocs that her Nana bought for her. She wants to wear them everywhere and even has to have them close by in the house. I did not even realize the extent of her affection for these shoes until I tried to try on another pair of shoes. She adamantly told me "No Mommy!! Katie no like and shoes no fit!! Every time I would get them on she would take them off. Of course, this made me giggle uncontrollably as well as some other ladies in the store. Believe me, it was no easy task to determine if these shoes would fit even though Katie told me they did not but Mommy eventually got her way and bought the new shoes. Katie came home and told her dad that "she no like the shoes" ROFL!!!

This is how Katie watches Sesame Street and her fav guy Elmo in the morning. Notice her crocs right next to her. Does this look comfortable? I don't think so but Katie loves it.


Tammie said...

Wow! Katie Starr is certainly an opinionated little girl! I think it's absolutely wonderful that she knows what she likes & wants & makes sure that everyone knows too. BTW, have you noticed that Erin also lives in her crocs? (I have a pair myself, & they're really comfortable!)

Vivian M said...

At least she has not learned the "talk to the hand" thing Kerri pulls on me! I think it is wonderful that Katie has her own sense of style. I can't get Kerri to wear anything she does not like, so good luck with the new shoes!

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Too funny and I swear the same thing happened with Lily a couple of years ago. Gotta love a shoe girl!

Michael, Barbara, & Mia said...

Isn't it amazing when they start giving you their opinion. The are starting to have a little mind of their own. I can't wait for the teenage years :0 !


Angel said...

I love it!

You go, Katie! :-)