Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's all about the Sleep

Ethan is most definitely a child that lived in an orphanage for 2+ years. Man oh man, that child can sleep through anything and I mean anything. He and Katie share a room and as I type this I am listening to her over the monitor talk and sing quite loudly and E is sleeping quite soundly; this has been going on over an hour. He even stays asleep if she cries out in the night. He often wakes up after her even though she yells for us to get her in the morning. Katie is a VERY light sleeper on the other hand. Somebody who may close a door five houses down the street can wake our sweet girl - just kidding! Seriously though, she is just like her mama ~ a horrible sleeper. Ethan takes after Daddy who falls asleep in mere seconds each evening while I am typing away and watching TV with the light on. Justin is also in the great sleep category. He began sleeping though the night at 6 weeks old and we had to wake him each morning at 10 am. I am sure dorm and apartment life in a college town only served to help him to block out noise as now that he is home and going to law school he still has no sleep issues; even if the gruesome twosome are banging their new drums right next to his room (see photo)

I would give anything to be like Marc, Justin and Ethan in the sleep category. I think it may be an estrogen vs testosterone thing. At least it seems that way in our house.

Here is a couple of photos of Katie and Ethan in his crib. She and he are always trying to get into each others crib and when they do they scream with happiness as you can see. They also hug and kiss goodnight - every night :)

The Dynamic Duo Rockin the House with their Chanukah Present


Vivian M said...

What great fun! Those two are going to be quite the pair. If you can't sleep now, wait until they are teenagers!

Tammie said...

I'm so there with you on the sleep issue! I was up 4 times last night while David & Erin snored the night away.

I think it's wonderful how well Katie Starr & Ethan have bonded. I love that they need to be in each other's crib. It's probably helped each of them during this time in their lives.

tumbleintodreams said...

I love the pictures of your children sharing "containers".....ROFL. They are so obviously enjoying each other. This season must be sooo joyful for your family! And hey, I love seeing their gifts too, so keep posting. Much Love, Sherri

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

Sorry to tell you this but I have been known to sleep through the burglar alarm!

Great photos of 2 wondrful kiddos.