Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Goodbye for now Aunt Shirley. It was wonderful to see you and Uncle Paul!

Tonight was our last opportunity to see Aunt Shirley and Uncle Paul before they went back to New Jersey so we took the Dynamic Duo up to see them. We met them both with Marc's folks at a Mall about 45 minutes North of us. This was a place that they could watch the kiddos play in a play area in the cool comfort away from the 90 degree Florida heat.

First we got a bite to eat and the children (especially Katie) pulled out all the stops to impress her audience. They were duly impressed and then off we went to play. The two of them were non stop locomotion for the next hour or so. They had a blast so the adults had a blast watching them.

It was so nice to have Aunt Shirley and Uncle Paul down and share our children with them. We look forward to the next time............

Having a Ball!

Full Throttle

Now you see her; now you don't!

Just a blur...

Sitting on a kiwi :)

Picture of me taken by Katie (she needs to work on getting a better angle..LOL)

Joyful Katie Starr

More Joy

Look Aunt Shirley; Mom is taking our picture again!

Aunt Shirley and the children

Marc's folks, Aunt Shirley along with Marc and the DD


Vivian M said...

Wow Marc looks alot like his Dad!
I am glad you all had a chance to see your family again. And by the way, Katie took a great picture of you!

Judy said...

Katie & Ethan look great!! Has Ethan put on a little more weight? I can't get over how light Katie's hair is. We thought Kylie's was unusually light but Katie's looks even lighter. It sure sounds like you guys are having a blast. Enjoy!


Tammie said...

I agree with Viv. Marc does look just like his dad. I guess handsome runs in the family!

It sounds like everyone had a wonderful visit with Aunt Shirley & Uncle Paul. I think it's absolutely wonderful to have an aunt & uncle that come to visit just to see the children.

The pics from your day are really wonderful! Katie Starr takes great pics already. You look marvelous!