Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reflecting on Two Years With Our Katie Starr

How could we have ever known...

that your initial grief and loss would hurt us to the core of our very being
that every move you made would inspire a comment from us
that you were so loyal and true
that your hard won loyalty to us would make us feel like we won the lottery
how beautiful you would be; both inside and out
that your smile could light up a city
how amazing your appetite for life would be
how amazing your appetite for food would be
that you would make friends wherever you go
how your innate intelligence would make us shake our heads in disbelief
that your imagination would be so amazing
that you were both patient and kind
that you would captivate your big brother from the moment that he first saw you
that you would eventually captivate your little brother from the moment that he first saw you
that the sound of your laughter felt like being swept up by a wave of love
that your tears would bring about our tears
that you would love us so completely
that we would love you so completely
that the love we have for you made your father and I believe we could parent another; your little brother
how a child could be so easy going and at the same time so determined
that you would be so dramatic
that fun would follow you wherever you go
how many wonderful people would enter our lives as we waited for you and beyond
how precious you look when you are asleep
how precious you look when you first wake up
how many people would fall in love with you
how devoted every member of our family would be to you
how loving you makes everything seem possible
how loving you puts everything in perspective
that parenting you and your brother makes us young again and exhausted all at the same time
that we would have been so fortunate as to be entrusted to be your mom and dad

How could we have ever known the depth of joy that you would bring to our lives Katie Starr? Your destiny as our daughter was written in the stars. Being your parents has been a dream come true and the best is yet to come. How lucky we are! Happy two years of being forever in our lives and hearts.

I am posting the video of our "forever day" with our precious baby. She fell asleep just before she was placed in our arms and that was not a good thing. Her foster family brought her to us and between her devotion to them and her waking up to a strange new family we had many challenging months ahead of us. Katie was worth all of it. We would have waited for whatever length of time it took for her to accept us as her parents. We love her completely and without conditions. She is our daughter now and forever.

Katie Starr's Referral Photos

Katie Starr - May 2008


Tammie said...

What a beautiful ode to such a special little girl. Katie Starr has touched so many paople in her lifetime. She is vivacious & loving & everything that her beautiful family is raising her to be. We are honored to have you all in our lives.

Happy Anniversary!

Hugs & Love!

Shelby said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you have a very special day celebrating! Panda hugs, Shelby

Vivian M said...

You did it again, you made me cry!
The Gotcha moment video ws beautiful, and as soon as I saw your lip start to quiver I lost it.
What a beautiful way to celebrate your anniversary by writing your thoughts to your daughter, it fills my heart! Especially because I know it is all true.
You are all a very special family, near (OK maybe farther than we would like) and dear to our hearts. Happy anniversary!!!

Lin Lin & Ping Sang said...

Congratulations! What a great video, it made me laugh and cry! You are beautiful Katie Starr!

Panda hugs,

Jen said...

What a beautiful tribute to your daughter! It goes so quickly--it seems like just yesterday that we were waiting together for our referrals. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary!

Take care,

Jane said...

I cannot believe it has been 2 years. In some ways it feels like just yesterday and in other ways it feels as if Katie has been a part of our family forever. I love you all...Jane

Mary said...

Oh, what sweet thoughts you have captured for your precious little girl! I love the Gotcha was wonderful to see, and yet painful as I know the moments following were so very frightening for Katie Starr. You've all come so far and created such a wonderful and beautiful family.
Congratulations on this special day!

Vicky said...

your video was so adorable !!! So cute how she was falling asleep, tears are still rolling down my cheeks !! I know 2 yrs. flew by for us. Our gotcha was 3/28/06.. Katie Starr is a gorgeous little girl !!
Congratulations on your special day!!

Vicky Brick
Long Island, NY

JoAnn in NJ said...

What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful, amazing daughter!

I am so privledged to know you via bloggyland and be allowed to follow along on the adventure of the dymanic duo!

Katie Starr, happy anniversary! Kelsey and I in NJ wish you everything magical in life! You already have the most wonderful Mommy, Daddy and brothers!

Love and Panda hugs!
JoAnn in NJ and Kelsey too!

p.s. thanks for making me cry at the office! ;)

Shari McConahay said...

Congrats on the two year anniversary of that special day! Katie Starr surely is a special girl and she owes it to you all for being such a loving and nurturing family! You guys are awesome and I am glad to know you all!

M3 said...

Congratulations on an incredibly special two years.

Candy said...

As I'm sitting here crying, it just brings such joy to my heart to say that I know this precious little girl and she is just what her mother says. Congratulations on being a Forever Family for "2" years. I look forward to watching you grow and shine for many, many more years.

eggrolls and chopsticks said...

I'm bawling.
Oh how sweet you are dear Lori and what a lucky girl Katie Starr is to be the one to call you Mama.
Huge hugs to all of you onthis special day.....

P.S. It seems like a lot longer than 2 years.

Dannye said...

the video brought tears of happiness to my eyes....the "forever day" videos always touch my heart....

congrats on the 2 yr celebration...what a beautiful little girl katie are very blessed.....

Kelley said...

How beautiful!! I can remember waiting for you to get your referral, and then when it didn't come how worried I was...and then there she was!! Such a wonderful little one, and part of a fantastic family!

What a gorgeous recent photo--WOW!!

Fliss and Mike Adventures said...

It has been quiet a while since popping in for a visit... I remember when you were all over in China getting Katie... oh my... just looking at her now... she has certainly grown - ALOT!!!! Then I look at Ethan... yep... they are growing fast... take care

Lesa said...

What a very sweet video! I have tears streaming.

Congratulations to you all!

agency friend...

The VanLue Family Zoo said...

Love, love the post and the pics! Katie you are truly a blessed little girl...but I betcha your mom and dad would tell you they're the blessed ones! Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!!

Judy said...

I love the video it made me teary eyed at the office!!

Katie we are so happy to have met you. You are truly a beautiful, smart and friendly little girl. You are so lucky to have such wonderful loving parents and they are so lucky to have you.

Congrats on your 2 yr anniversary!!

Sean, Judy & Kylie

Nana and Papa said...

Dear Lori:

Your blogging sends chills up my spine, and yesterday it was unbelievably beautiful. Katie is such a wonderful child and enjoys life every minute of the day. China matched katie with you and Marc, and it could not have been a better match because you both are so wonderful with the children. What a special gotcha day yesterday was, and Katie seems to understand what the celebration is all about.

Ever since we picked Ethan up from China, Katie has been by his side. They absolutely love each other
and the two children have made our lives so beautiful.

Love, Mom

Carol and Taylor said...

Lori and family,

Congrats on your 2 years with Katie! I can so relate to your thoughts. Its continually amazes me how much our daughters have changes our lives. Katie is such a beautiful child, in all ways. Just love this latest picture. She's just glowing with love and happiness! Thank you for allowing me to share in your joy.

Carol and Taylor in Miami

Angel said...

Congratulations on your 2 years. Katie is an amazing child and you are all blessed to have each other. What a beautiful tribute to your daughter.


shirpick said...

Congrats on 2 years with Katie Starr.
She has become a beautiful and glowing child, thanks to you and Marc, she has flourished.
Her shining and loving personality can light up the sky.
Our trip was wonderful being able to spend time with the dynamic duo was the highlight.
Thanks for posting the lovely words and pictures about us!
We love you
Aunt Shirley