Saturday, May 24, 2008

What a Glad it is Over; or is it?

I left off on my previous post during nap time and I am happy to report that Katie woke up dry. She had no accidents for the rest of the day. However, we seem to have a bit of a game going on as she goes in to the bathroom constantly to try to go; even if it just a few drips. She has to do all of the steps herself; taking down her panties, getting up on the toilet, wiping, flushing, redressing and washing and she tells me "Go away; I am going to do it myself!" I explained to her that it would be much nicer if she did not tell me to go away but she could say that she would rather do it alone. She has honored my request..LOL

Tonight, we put them both to bed and explained that they must stay dry. Ethan has been daytime trained for a couple of months but has been sleeping in a pull up and mostly wakes up dry anyway so I am not too worried about him. Of course Katie's status in the AM is very questionable. We put night lights all down the hallway and in the bathroom in case they need to use the pottie. They are on the other side of the house from us and we used to close their door at night to keep them from getting into trouble so we are quite nervous about taking this next step into a brave new world. As you know, even though most of the time we call them the dynamic duo there are moments when they live up to the moniker "Gruesome Twosome" We are scaaaared!

Within 10 minutes of being put to bed they both yelled that they needed to use the potty. I complied with their request and found that they each pushed out two drops of urine. They have had their last hurrah cuz Mama just put the hammer down! I need some R&R for goodness sake.
Stay tuned for day 2; coming waaaay too soon to a blog near you.


Vivian M said...

Oh me thinks Miss Katie is Miss Independant and Miss Lori is going to be Miss Tired!
Good luck tomorrow!

Tammie said...

Oh my! It sounds like this is going to be an interesting weekend in your home.

While it is going to be frustrating having Katie Starr go every 2 seconds, I have a feeling that by tomorrow night, she will have learned to listen to her body's signals. Of course, if she's anything like Erin & truly likes getting those stickers, she's going to keep going every few minutes.

Call if you need to!

Candy said...

I haven't removed the gate from Rachel's room. If she needs to go, we'll hear her on the monitor that we use. I'm not sure I want her wondering around the house and I'm not sure she would either. It does get easier, at least in our house for #1, but we're still working on #2. Good Luck! I know it will happen.

The VanLue Family Zoo said...

About time for another date night, don't you think after the potty training marathon?? I haven't even attempted this yet w/our Katie....and I've already trained 4 kids! Somehow....procrastination is my middle name!!