Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Red Letter Day in Our Home

Today is a very special day on two accounts. Please bear with me while I gush about the people that I love.

Today was Ethan's last day of occupational and physical therapy. We thought we had a couple of weeks left as we knew that we were close to the end but our therapist discharged him today and pronounced him as awesome!! He still has a bit of lower body strength building to do but she has resolved all of his sensory issues as well as balance and increased body strength. We are so thrilled and gratified by this development. It has been a long road but oh so worth it!! Ethan's speech therapy ends through the early steps program on his birthday, July 6th and then as of August 18th he will be attending the Place Program in the local elementary school. We are so excited by this next step as this is an fully integrated program that will address not only his speech but the developmental delays that he has due to his difficult start in life. Our Ethan is one tough cookie and we are so proud at how hard he has worked in his therapies. I am also very thankful to my parents, Marc's parents and Justin who have been there to help when needed; whether it be to babysit while one of us ran Ethan around or in my father's case to carry more than his share of the load in our business while I attended to our children's needs. Justin has been my sidekick through it all and has really stepped up to be a rock for me. Thanks to my sister Jane for always being there as my cheerleader. Thank you to my awesome friends Kira, Shannon, Mary, Kim and Sherri who have been there to listen and offer wise counsel and true friendship during some very tough times after coming home with Ethan. Also my FCC and Blogging friends, especially Candy, Tammie, Dawn and Viv who's support has been priceless. It takes a village to raise a child and I am so grateful for my village.

This brings me to the next reason that this day is special and that is due to Marc; my partner in life and my heart...

Today is also our 8th Wedding Anniversary. On June 4, 2000 I married my wonderful husband, Marc. I am not one to brag but I must tell you that Marc is the most amazing husband. There is nothing that is too much for this man to do. He goes to the enth degree to make sure that everything is taken care of that needs to be and that everyone in his life is happy and satisfied. He really is unlike any man that I have ever known. He is a loving husband, father to our three children and son to his and my parents. He loves my sister like she was his sister and is loyal and true to all of my friends and his. He is so hardworking and carries more than his share around here. He took the lead on dealing with all of the therapy and I was his back up. He is as funny as the day is long and I still laugh at all of his jokes. Life is never boring with him by my side; crazy but never boring! I could not ask for more in this life. I love you Marc with all of my heart and soul and I always will. Thank you for all of your devotion to our family and to me.

Love always,
Your Starr, Lori

PS On the next post I will fill you all in on the story behind Katie's middle name and how it was my pet name first ;-)


Tammie said...

Congratulations!!! Ethan's news is just wonderful. Each time we see him, the changes are astounding. When I think back to the little peanut we met at Dr Liang's office, I know how hard you have all worked. He is an amazing little boy who will run the world one day (with Katie Starr telling him how to do it all).

And Happy Anniversary to you & Marc! You guys are a perfect match for each other.

Candy said...

Happy Anniversary! You are an awesome couple. I'm so excited that Ethan has come so far in such a short time. This is due to a loving family like yours. Hope you enjoyed your day and your upcoming Anniversary plans.

Vivian M said...

Happy anniversary! Finding your soulmate is truly an amazing thing, isn't it?
Congratulations to Ethan on his achievements. He has come such a long way and it is a testament to his determination, and his family's love and support, and the wonderful professionals who have helped him.
And I am not sure how we helped, other than messing up the playroom that one time (and providing Ethan with cookies)! But you all know that we are here for you guys (OK, maybe not there physically but you know what I mean) and we love you all.
I am looking forward to hearing all about the pet name!

Carol and Taylor said...

Wow, this is such big and exciting news. It never hurts to sit back and contemplate all the blessings we have in our lives...and then actually show our gratitude and thanks.

I'm so happy for you and your whole family.

Kind regards,

Carol and Taylor

Kelley said...

Hooray for Ethan, and happy, happy anniversary!!!!

It sounds like things are really going well for you all; I can't wait to hear the story of Katie's middle name!!

Kathryn said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like you have an amazing hubby there and funny too, what more could you ask for.
I'm glad to hear Ethan is being discharged from his services and he is moving on so nicely with his progress, how wonderful.

M3 said...

Happy anniversary guys!!! And congratulations to Ethan. Very cool.

Shari McConahay said...

Happy Anniversary Lori & Marc! And Mr. Ethan is just making strides in leaps and bounds! He is very special indeed!