Sunday, June 15, 2008

Short but Sweet

I don't have time to write too much right now and will not be able to write for the next few days. I will leave with you with a few pics until I am able to blog again; probably next weekend. These are from our children's cousin, Joshua's 3rd birthday party.

Judy, our future DIL with our cousin, Romey

with Katie Starr

The Dynamic Duo with cousin Joshua

Daddy joins the fun

Ethan eyeing the birthday boy

Happy Birthday Josh!

mmmmm.....let me get just a little bit of this cake!

Katie and cousin Josh hamming it up

These next two pictures are not for the kiddy crowd. Our cousin, Stephanie is from Germany and she offered us Vodka shots that have to be drunk the following way (that is our story and we are sticking to it!) You take the cap off the shot bottle, stick it on your nose to balance it while you put the bottle between your teeth and shoot it down. Here are Marc, Justin and Judy demonstrating it for you :)


Tamara said...

Love the pics!
Don't know if I could do vodka shots- but it looks like fun. Remember jello shots (did I just age myself?)
Katie Starr and Ethan look great!

Candy said...

Looks like everybody had a great time. Happy Birthday, Joshua! That cake looks yummy.

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday Joshua and Happy Father's Day to Marc!!

C&A said...

love your blog-I just came acrossed it-I have a 7 year old from China-we are a CCAI family! Just got home almost 3 months ago!

redmaryjanes said...

You have a fabulous looks like we have some great friends in common.
If stress is the new black, then I really have it going on!

Carol and Taylor said...

OH boy! I think you guys have a serious contender for Letterman's Stupid People Tricks.

Truly amazing!

Judy said...

Hi Lori, You have a beautiful family. What great fun. Glad to read that Ethan is doing well. I hope we get to meet him sometime this year:-) We were in Clearwater and then Tampa last weekend. How far is that from you guys? We hope to do it again soon and can maybe meet up with you guys. Let me know.


Tammie said...

Great pics of a wonderful birthday celebration! That birthday cake looked yummy.

As for the vodka shots, I was doing that back in college. What can I say? I never liked beer.