Saturday, July 05, 2008

Red Threads

One of the wonderful added benefits of the adoption of two of our children are the amazing friendships that we have made through the process and beyond. I could go on and on about our friends but I will spare you. Suffice it to say; they are just the best.

One of our closest friends and their family are moving to China and I cannot express properly the feelings that I have about this turn of events. Yin and Yang would be apt as I am overjoyed that they are making their dreams come true but at the same time absolutely saddened by the loss of them in our day to day lives.

Tonight, we got together with them and two other couples for an evening out at a local restaurant called the Melting Pot (fondue restaurant). It was the perfect place to go as it fun and interactive. We literally sat for hours talking and laughing.

These couples share a bond with us that is awesome and unbreakable - even if one of them will be half a world away. All I can say is....thank goodness for Skype and the Internet!! Kim and Rich; we all love you and will miss you like crazy. Don't forget to leave a light on cuz we are all gonna be visiting :)

Mary and Neil
Kim and Rich - Moving to China...sigh
Shannon and Alan

"Forever Friends"


Tammie said...

I can't imagine how life will be without Kim & Richard here. They & their children are such a ray of light.

Vivian M said...

I love that last picture!!
And friends are forever, no matter how near or far. I should know, I am always moving far away from them! (But I think Kim and Rich have me beat).
I am so glad you all had a wonderful evening together (and that's a nice restaurant, I've been there!).

Mary said...

Oh, what fun we had with everyone!
It will sad to see Kim & Rich leave, but the world is much smaller now (THANK YOU Internet & Skype!) so I know that although they will be far away (miles wise), they really will never be too far from Florida!

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

What a sweet post and you totally made me crave the Melting Pot!!

Candy said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time. Wishing the Choi family the very best!