Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Proof that music really does soothe the savage beast..oops, I mean three year old

They say that "Music soothes the savage beast" and today I walked in on a scene that showed me that it can soothe about 10 savage three year olds.

I arrived at Katie Starr's preschool early with Ethan in tow (there is a day off at Ethan's public school today due to voting day here in Florida) to pick her up early as she had her follow up doctor's appointment today for her bronchitis. After going to the office to sign her out, I first peek in the door to catch the teacher's eye before walking in as I do not want to disturb the class. The two teachers and ten students are all sitting around a large table eating their lunch. The head teacher waves at me to come in . As I entered. I noticed how peaceful and serene it was in the room. I then realized that the teacher was playing classical music. I commented on how nice it was and she told me that she always plays classical music so that they are exposed to the it and that as an added benefit it sets the scene for a calm meal experience. What an amazing idea!! Since I was ahead of schedule by a few minutes she invited me to stay while Katie finished up. I was so impressed with the way the children were all sitting so nicely and eating. These were some of the socialization skills that they are working on this year. Sitting down, staying in your seat, facing forward to the table, saying please and thank you, using your manners, etc. They are not allowed to share amongst themselves due to a couple of reasons, chief among them food allergies.

Katie was so excited to see Ethan and I and she left her seat to come over to us but the teacher reminded her about staying in her seat and she listened well. Katie asked the teacher if she could share her lunch with her brother (who had already eaten) and she said yes, since it was her brother. It was so sweet.

I know what it is to keep my two little's on the straight and narrow during meal time so I must say, I was truly impressed. Beethoven anyone?

Note: Katie got the "all clear" from her doctor at the appointment. When the doctor asked Katie to place the ear thermometer in her ear by claiming that she should say hi into the telephone, Katie adamantly informed her "That is not a telephone; that is a thermometer!" Everyone in ear shot dissolved into fits of laughter. On the way way out, when offered a sticker, Katie asked the nurse if she could please pick one for her brother and then did not ask for one for herself. The nurse reminded her of course. Katie has a beautiful heart :)


Tammie said...

There are so many reasons why we all love Katie Starr. The biggest reason (aside from her cuteness factor that is) is her big heart! She is totally sweet! Is it any wonder Erin adores her & her brother?

As for Katie Starr's comment at Dr Liang's suggestion, too funny! Great news on the all clear!

The VanLue Family Zoo said...

I use "The Mozart Effect" here at home with my 3 'ladies'. There's one called Relax, Daydream, and draw, one for motion (waking up the brain), and one for sleeping. Since I homeschool the 2 older ones, I have it playing during Math and any other time (art, crafts) where I think it would benefit them. I absolutely love it! Then to top it off, we play Mozart when they all go to bed. It's been proven to temporarily boost IQ levels in kids and adults, and now the girls even recognize specific songs when we hear them in elevators, malls, etc. Highly recommended! My oldest adopted is 6 and has pretty significant SPD issues. Although you can't measure "mozart's" success it sure can't hurt!

Candy said...

I'm very happy to hear that Katie got the all clear from the doctor. Sounds like Katie's teacher is doing great things for her and the other students in class.

ChinaCalling said...

I love seeing how Katie has grown into her role as "sister". I hear these stories and imagine how Cami will be with Delilah. It's heady stuff, I tell you! We should talk. Miss you. sherri

Judy said...

Glad to hear Katie is feeling better. Ethan and Katie look like they've grown so much. I love the first day of school pics.

Take care.