Friday, September 12, 2008

Dancing with the Starr

Today, Katie started in dance class. Her school offers it as an enrichment class after school is over. When I asked her a couple of weeks ago if she would like to go, she gave me a resounding "yes!" but this morning when I went to speak to the teacher that instructs the class (who Katie really likes) she was not a happy camper. I calmed her down and reminded her that she wanted to participate in the class. When I came to pick her up after school, I was greeted by such a happy little girl. The teacher said that our Starr was very happy and that her smile lit up the room today. The children work all year towards an end of the year recital. The teacher had instructed Marc to get her a leotard, shoes and a tutu if she wanted to wear one. Marc jokingly told the teacher that if he could get the tutu away from Ethan (who likes it more than Katie does) that he would send it in.

When she got home, Katie showed me her stretching exercises and then she showed me the dance moves that she learned...too sweet.

This sweetness was added to the sweetness of having lunch with Justin today. He is so busy with law school and there is not too much time to get together right now but we managed to spend a few hours today just catching up. It was great! Then he came back to the house and waited until Ethan got off the bus while I went to get Katie after dance class. When the DD saw him they were so happy. They ran towards him and when he knelt down to hug them they knocked him down with their exuberance. They love him so much. It makes me teary to think about it.

Sorry that there are no pictures today. I got so caught up in my happy day that I forgot to take any.


Tammie said...

Let Ethan keep his tutu. (ROFLMAO at that one!) I have a friend who makes them for around $30 in colors you choose.

It was so nice to see you earlier today. What a treat! My co-workers are so used to my friends popping. They usually are on the lookout for members of my China family. Too bad they missed the DD this morning! I hope that Marc enjoyed his morning bagel. Let him know that I got plenty of work done today. ;-)

How nice that you & Justin were able to spend time together today. I know how you miss having daily access to him.

Angel said...

How cute! Gracie loves her dance class. I can't wait for the year end production of Peter Pan.

M3 said...

Wait!! No tutu pictures? Of either kiddo? Get out that camera, woman! *grin*

Kelley said...

I do want to see Ethan with that tutu...but maybe it's better for him in the future if you don't take any. (Hee, hee, hee!)

Sounds like you've had a terrific day!

Vivian M said...

Ethan can borrow Kerri's tu-tu's!
Love happy days, hope you have way more fo them!

JO said...

Thank you for a great lunch, it was great to rest my head and see you guys